The OpsRamp platform is a secure, SaaS, AIOps platform for multi-tiered, multi-tenant, IT environments. The platform implements the core components that enable the Solutions layer.

The platform organizes the enterprise into tenants and provides mechanisms and policy definitions for managing accounts, users, user groups, and role-based access.

Key components involved in solution enablement include:

  • dashboards
  • inventory
  • alerts
  • monitors
  • patches
  • RBA
  • service desk
  • knowledge base
  • reports
  • run commands
  • launch consoles
  • run jobs/scripts

The documentation is organized around the main platform components:

  • Platform Feature Guides: Provides in-depth descriptions for how to use the core features.
  • Agents: Provides information about the agent and agent shield, a low-footprint, secure application that runs on managed servers and provides instrumentation required to manage your server.
  • Gateways: Provides information about the gateway, a secure server instrumented for IT environment management that collects the data needed to manage IT resources.