The OpsRamp SaaS platform is a secure, SaaS AIOps platform for multi-tiered, multi-tenant IT environment. It provides the foundational components that enable the solutions layer: hybrid infrastructure discovery and monitoring, event and incident management, and remediation and automation.

The platform organizes the enterprise into tenants for which it provides mechanisms and policy definition for managing accounts, users, user groups, and role-based access.

Key components involved in solution enablement include:

  • dashboards
  • inventory
  • alerts
  • monitors
  • patches
  • RBA
  • service desk
  • knowledge base
  • reports
  • run commands
  • launch consoles
  • run jobs/scripts

Read the Admistrator Guide for setting up and configuring accounts, users, authorizations, and resources, and for defining policies.

Documents are also provided that describe how to deploy and manage Agents and Gateways.

Dashboard documents cover creating, customizing, and using the classic dashboard and Dashboard 2.0.

Service and topology map documents describe how to use the feature to visualize the resources in your IT infrastructure.