Supported Versions
REST API version using 4.2.1


VMware SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) by VeloCloud is a cloud-delivered solution for network operators and application owners who want to ensure high application performance and availability for their end users while lowering networking costs.

VMware SD-WAN ensures a reliable and resilient wide area network (WAN), with a choice of connection types, including Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), LTE, Wi-Fi and broadband. VMware SD-WAN combines multiple links and uses traffic steering technology to select the best path for each application to ensure consistent performance and overcome quality issues and outages.

Available resources under VMware SD-WAN are as follows:

  • Orchestrator: A web-based central management tool that provides simplified configuration, provisioning, monitoring, fault management, logging, and reporting.
  • VMware SD-WAN Gateways: VMware SD-WAN Gateways optimize data paths to all applications, branches, and data centres along with the ability to deliver network services to and from the cloud.
  • Edges: A Zero-touch enterprise-class appliance that provides secure optimized connectivity to applications in any location, including private data centres, public clouds, and hybrid deployments.
  • Links: Connectivity between edge and other end devices.

VMware SD-WAN Architecture diagram:

Diagram Reference:

Configure the integration

  1. From All Clients, select a client.

  2. Navigate to Setup > Account.

  3. Select the Integrations and Apps tab.

  4. The Installed Integrations page, where all the installed applications are displayed.
    Note: If there are no installed applications, it will navigate to the Available Integrations and Apps page.

  5. Click + ADD on the Installed Integrations page. The Available Integrations and Apps page displays all the available applications along with the newly created application with the version.
    Note: You can even search for the application using the search option available. Also you can use the All Categories option to search.

  6. Click ADD in the VMware SD-WAN(VeloCloud) application.

  7. In ADD VMWARE SD-WAN(VELOCLOUD) page, enter account information:

    Name(required) Enter integration name.
    Account Number(required) Enter the VeloCloud account number.
    Host Name(required) Enter the hostname.
    User Name(required) Enter the username.
    Password(required) Enter the password.
    Confirm Password(required) Re-enter the password.
  8. Click Next.

  9. In the RESOURCE TYPE section, select:

    • ALL: All the existing and future resources will be discovered.
    • SELECT: You can select one or multiple resources to be discovered.
  10. In the DISCOVERY SCHEDULE section, select Recurrence Pattern to add one of the following patterns:

  • Minutes
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  1. Click FINISH.

The application is now installed and displayed on the Installed Integration page. Use the search field to find the installed application.

  1. You can either create a copy of global templates or use existing global templates for metric collection. But you cannot edit the global templates.
    Below is the list of global templates G1 and G2 for VeloCloud.

G1 templates:

  • VMware SD-WAN (VeloCloud) VMware SD-WAN Edge - for VeloCloud Edges.
  • VMware SD-WAN (VeloCloud) VMware SD-WAN Edge Link - For VeloCloud edge links.
  • VMware SD-WAN (VeloCloud) VMware SD-WAN Gateway - For VeloCloud gateways.

G2 templates:

  • VMware SD-WAN (VeloCloud) VMware SD-WAN Edge G2 Template - for VeloCloud Edges.
  • VMware SD-WAN (VeloCloud) VMware SD-WAN Edge Link G2 Template - For VeloCloud edge links.
  • VMware SD-WAN (VeloCloud) VMware SD-WAN Gateway G2 Template - For VeloCloud gateways.
  1. Use DMP (Device Management Policies) to assign a template against a resource. You can create a new DMP or copy the existing DMP. See Device Management Policies for more details.

  2. After configuring the integration, VMware SD-WAN metrics can be viewed from the Infrastructure page.


Hierarchy of VMware SD-WAN - VeloCloud resources:

VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator
  — VMware SD-WAN Gateways
  — VMware SD-WAN Edges
    — VMware SD-WAN Edge Links

Supported metrics

ResourceMetric NameMetric Display NameUnitDescription
VMware SD-WAN Edgevmware_sdwan_Edge_CPU_UtilizationVMware SD-WAN Edge CPU UtilizationPercentageShows the edge CPU utilization.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_FlowCountVMware SD-WAN Edge Flow CountCountShows the edge flow count.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_HandOff_QueueDropsVMware SD-WAN Edge HandOff QueueDropsCountShow the edge handOff queue drops.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_HA_StatusVMware SD-WAN Edge HA StatusShows the HA status of the Edge. Possible values 0-Unconfigured 1-Ready.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_Memory_UtilizationVMware SD-WAN Edge Memory UtilizationPercentageShows the edge memory utilization.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_Neighbor_BGP_StateVMware SD-WAN Edge Neighbor BGP StateShows the edge neighbor BGP state. Possible values 0-Idle 1-Connect 2-Active 3-Established 4-Removed 5-Unconfigured.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_StatusVMware SD-WAN Edge StatusShows the status of the VMware SD-WAN edge. Possible values 0-Down 1-Connected 2-Degraded 3-Never Activated 4-offline 5-online.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_Transactional_QOE_ScoreVMware SD-WAN Edge Transactional QOE ScoreCountShows the transactional QOE scores.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_TunnelCountVMware SD-WAN Edge Tunnel CountCountShows the edge tunnel count.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_Video_QOE_ScoreVMware SD-WAN Edge Video QOE ScoreCountShows the video QOE scores.
vmware_sdwan_Edge_Voice_QOE_ScoreVMware SD-WAN Edge Voice QOE ScoreCountShows the voice QOE scores.
VMware SD-WAN Edge Linkvmware_sdwan_Link_BandwidthVMware SD-WAN Link BandwidthBPSShows the Link bandwidth.
vmware_sdwan_Link_Bytes_ReceivedVMware SD-WAN Link Bytes ReceivedBytesShows the bytes count received by a link.
vmware_sdwan_Link_Bytes_SentVMware SD-WAN Link Bytes SentBytesShows the bytes count sent by a link.
vmware_sdwan_Link_Effective_StateVMware SD-WAN Link Effective StateShows the link effective state. Possible values 0-Disconnected 1-Stable 2-Standby.
vmware_sdwan_Link_JitterVMware SD-WAN Link JitterMSShows the link jitter.
vmware_sdwan_Link_LatencyVMware SD-WAN Link LatencyMSShows the link latency.
vmware_sdwan_Link_Packets_ReceivedVMware SD-WAN Link Packets ReceivedCountShows the count of link packets.
vmware_sdwan_Link_Packets_SentVMware SD-WAN Link Packets SentCountShows the count of link packet sent.
vmware_sdwan_Link_Packet_LossVMware SD-WAN Link Packet LossPercentageShows the link packet loss.
vmware_sdwan_Link_SignalStrengthVMware SD-WAN Link Signal StrengthdBmShows the link signal strength.
vmware_sdwan_Link_StatusVMware SD-WAN Link StatusShows the link status. Possible values 0-Disconnected 1-Stable 2-Standby.
vmware_sdwan_Link_VPN_StateVMware SD-WAN Link VPN StateShows the link VPN state. Possible Values 0-StatusEmpty 1-Stable 2-Other.
vmware_sdwan_Link_BandwidthPercentageVMware SD-WAN Link Bandwidth PercentagePercentageShows the link bandwidth percentage based on the amount of bytes received and bytes sent.
VMwaVMware SD-WAN Gatewayvmware_sdwan_Gateway_CPU_UtilizationVMware SD-WAN Gateway CPU UtilizationPercentageShows the gateway CPU utilization.
vmware_sdwan_Gateway_FlowCountVMware SD-WAN Gateway Flow CountCountShows the gateway flow count.
vmware_sdwan_Gateway_HandOff_QueueDropsVMware SD-WAN Gateway HandOff QueueDropsCountShow the gateway handOff queue drops.
vmware_sdwan_Gateway_Memory_UtilizationVMware SD-WAN Gateway Memory UtilizationPercentageShows the gateway memory utilization.
vmware_sdwan_Gateway_TunnelCountVMware SD-WAN Gateway Tunnel CountCountShows the gateway tunnel count.
vmware_sdwan_Gateway_StatusVMware SD-WAN Gateway StatusShows the status of the VMware SD-WAN gateway. Possible values 0-Offline 1-Connected 2-Never Activated.