How can I determine if a discovery configuration is created with incorrect details?

While setting up the discovery profile configuration, OpsRamp checks the validity of the provided credentials for the specified public cloud account. If the details are valid, you can proceed to save the discovery configuration. This validation ensures the creation of accurate discovery configurations.

How can I identify if the initial discovery fails?

Upon running the first discovery, OpsRamp will verify it, and if unsuccessful, an alert will be generated for the respective public cloud integration. You can review this alert in your alert browser, where it will provide details about the cause of the failure.

How can I determine if scheduled discovery or force rescan fails?

When establishing the discovery configuration profile, it is advisable to choose a scheduled discovery time to ensure reflection of recent changes in your public cloud environment within OpsRamp.

During the scheduled discovery or force rescan process, if OpsRamp identifies any discovery issues, it will promptly generate an alert for the respective public cloud integration. You can view this alert in your alert browser. All subsequent discovery scans and monitoring requests will be halted until the credentials and account-related information are rectified in the discovery configuration. The scan will resume after re-saving the discovery configuration and initiating the scan.

This check prevents OpsRamp from making unnecessary requests to your public cloud account until the issues are resolved.

To receive alert notifications, it’s essential to enable scheduled discovery on your public cloud accounts.

How can I determine if monitoring fails due to incorrect account or credential details?

Even if you assign monitoring templates to your public cloud services, you won’t receive any discovery or monitoring failure alerts if the scheduled scan is turned off.

How can I identify partial discovery failures for some cloud services?

If permission issues are encountered against specific resource types during discovery, they will be documented in the activity log after the completion of the discovery process.