Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) is a critical network management technique that involves the real-time tracking and analysis of network traffic patterns. It provides valuable insights into data flow, helping organizations optimize network efficiency, detect anomalies, and enhance security by monitoring the flow of data packets within their networks.

Configure and install the integration

Follow these steps to configure and install the NPM Collector integration.

  1. Log in to OpsRamp.

  2. From All Clients, select a client.

  3. Navigate to Setup > Integrations and Apps.

  4. The INSTALLED INTEGRATIONS page is displayed, with all the installed integrations.
    Note: If there are no installed integrations, it will navigate to the AVAILABLE INTEGRATIONS AND APPS page.

Cradlepoint Integrations
  1. Click + ADD on the INSTALLED INTEGRATIONS page. The AVAILABLE INTEGRATIONS AND APPS page displays all the available integrations and applications.

  2. Search for NPM Collector using the search option available.
    You can also use the All Categories filter to search. Click All Categories and select Network Management.

Available integrations - NPM Collector
  1. Click ADD on the NPM Collector App tile. The Add NPM-Collector page is displayed with the Configuration and Installation tabs.
  2. Click ADD from the Configurations tab.
  3. Enter the below information in the Add Configuration form:
NameEnter the name for the configuration.
SFlow PortEnter the SFlow port number. Default port is 6343.
Netflow-v5 portEnter the Netflow-v5 port number. Default port is 9996.
Netflow-v9 PortEnter the Netflow-v9 port number. Default port is 4729.
IPfix PortEnter the IPfix port number. Default port is 4739.
ResourcesProvide the query to fetch the resources.
Default query is given .
Select at least one resource from the list of resources.
For information on how to build a query, see Query Language Reference.
Integrations - NPM Collector configuration
  1. Click Add.

The configuration is added and displayed on the Configurations tab.

  1. Click Next.

  2. On the Installation tab, click +ADD to create a new collector by providing a name or use the pre-populated name.

Integrations - NPM add Collector
  1. Or, select an existing registered profile.
Integrations - select collector


  • You can use a gateway profile only once per configuration.
  • Currently, you can use only the NextGen Gateway version 16.0.0 to install the NPM Collector.
  1. Click FINISH.

The integration is installed and displayed on the Installed Integrations page.

Integrations - installed NPM Collector

Actions on the installed application

View the discovered devices

You can view the discovered network resources from the Infrastructure > Resources page.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Resources. All the network devices are displayed.
  2. Click on Network Device from the left side of the page.
  3. Click on a resource link. The resource details page is displayed.
Integrations - NPM Collector resource details page

To navigate to the NPM dashboard:

  1. Click the Net Flows icon available on the upper-right corner of the page.
Integrations - NPM dashboard

From the NPM dashboard, you can:

  • Filter the metric data based on Top N, network devices, interfaces, flow type, and time.
  • View all the widgets like Summary, Top Conversations, Top Applications, Top Source Endpoints, Top Destination Endpoints, Top Protocols.

You can navigate to Infrastructure > Net Flows to view the NPM dashboard.

  • See NPM for more information.