Cradlepoint provides networking solutions for wireless edge solutions.

Step 1: Configure the integration

  1. From All Clients, select a client.
  2. Go to Setup > Integrations > Integrations.
  3. From Available Integrations, select Network > Cradlepoint and click Install.
  4. Enter:
    • Integration name
    • Hostname:
    • ECM API ID and Key
    • CP API ID and Key
    • Port number: 80 or 443. Secure uses 80; Is Secure uses 443
  5. Click Install.

ECM API credentials and CP API credentials are used for integrating Cradlepoint data into OpsRamp.

Step 2: Add a discovery profile

  1. From the Cradlepoint Integration screen, click Add.
Cradlepoint integration screen
  1. Enter profile details:

    • Profile Name: The name of the profile.
    • Host Name: The domain name of the Cradlepoint server.
  2. In the Filter Criteria section, click Any or All of the rules below to match any one or all of the conditions you define for filtering. If you select All, ensure that the resource type is the same for all filter criteria.

  3. Select a Filter Criteria Type: Resource Filters or Smart Filters.

    • Resource Filters: Use to filter resources based on resource attributes. For each of the filter criteria fields, select the filter criteria from the drop-down menu:
      Resource TypeLists all supported resource types.
      Attribute NameLists selected Resource Type attributes. Select the textbox to see the list.
      Logic conditionLogically matching criteria. Choose from:
      • Contains
      • Not Contains
      • Equals
      • Not Equals
      • Starts With
      • Ends With
      • Regex
      ValueThe Attribute Name value.
      • To add more filter criteria, click Add Criteria.
      • To view all resources matching the criteria, click Show Matching Members.
    • Smart Filters: Use to filter resources based on the resource types. One or more resource types can be selected from the list.
      • All Resources: Discovers all resource types.
      • Cradlepoint Router: Disables all other options except for Cradlepoint Router.

  4. Optionally, select Manage Device in Perform Actions.

  5. Optionally, select and specify a Discovery schedule of how frequently new resources added to the environment are automatically discovered.

  6. Click Save.

Discovered Cradlepoint Resources
  1. In the Discovery Profiles list, click the Scan Now icon, on the right, to initiate scanning:
Discovered Cradlepoint Resources

Verify that the resource was successfully added by going to the Infrastructure > Resources screen:

Discovered Meraki Resources

Expand Cradlepoint to view the available integrations as shown below:

Discovered Meraki Resources

You can further expand the integration to view the available resources as shown below:

Discovered Meraki Resources

After the discovery profile is created, you can assign monitoring templates to the resource.

View Cradlepoint Audit Logs

To view the audit logs of Cradlepoint:

  1. From All Clients, select a client.
  2. Go to Setup > Integrations > > Integrations > Audit Logs.
Discovered Meraki Resources
  1. From the AUDIT LOGS LIST, select:
  • Client Name: Select the name of the client.
  • Integration Name: Name of the integration.
    Note: By default Email is selected.
  1. Select the Cradlepoint integration from the Integration Name drop-down list.
  2. From the Select Client drop-down list, select All Status, Success, Dropped, or Failed.
Discovered Meraki Resources
  1. Select Inbound from the dropdown list.

    • By default Outbound is selected.
    • Inbound: Incoming calls which come from a third party to OpsRamp.
    • Outbound: Outgoing calls which go to third parties from OpsRamp.
  2. Click Apply. All the audit logs are displayed.

Discovered Meraki Resources