Cloud Interconnect extends your on-premises network to Google’s network through a highly available, low latency connection. You can use Dedicated Interconnect to connect directly to Google or use Partner Interconnect to connect to Google through a supported service provider.

Use OpsRamp Google Public Cloud Integration to discover and collect metrics against Google Interconnect.


To set up the Google integration and discover the Google Interconnect services, do the following:

  1. Create a Google Cloud Integration if not available in your installed integrations. For more information on how to install the Google Cloud Integration, refer to GCP Resources.
  2. Create a discovery profile. For more information on how to create discovery profiles, refer to Create a Discovery Profile.
  3. Select Interconnect in the Google Integration Discovery Profile.
Google Cloud Integration Discovery Profile

Google Cloud Integration Discovery Profile

  1. Save the discovery profiles to make them available in the list of Discovery Profiles.
  2. Scan to discover the resources at any time independent of the predefined schedule.
  3. Once the scan is completed, you can view the Cognito resources under Infrastructure > Resources > Google Cloud category.
  1. Create a template with collector type Google and applicable for Interconnect. See Create a Template for more information on how to create a template.
  2. Refer to Assign a Template on how to assign a template to a resource.
  3. Click the Metrics tab to view the monitoring data of Interconnect as shown below:

Supported metrics

OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitDescriptionAggregation Type
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_capacityNetwork CapacityBy/sNetwork Capacity Active capacity of the interconnect.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_dropped_packets_countDropped PacketspacketsNumber of outbound packets dropped due to link congestion.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_link_operationalCircuit Operational StatusIndicates whether the operational status of the circuit is 'up'.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_link_rx_powerCircuit Receive PowerdBmLight level received over physical circuit.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_link_tx_powerCircuit Transmit PowerdBmLight level transmitted over physical circuit.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_operationalOperational StatusWhether the operational status of the interconnect is 'up'.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_receive_errors_countIngress ErrorsErrorsNumber of errors encountered while receiving packets.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_received_bytes_countIngress BytesByNumber of inbound bytes received.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_received_unicast_packets_countIngress Unicast PacketsPacketsNumber of inbound unicast packets received.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_send_errors_countEgress ErrorsErrorsNumber of errors encountered while sending packets.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_sent_bytes_countEgress BytesByNumber of outbound bytes sent.Average
google_interconnect_network_interconnect_sent_unicast_packets_countEgress Unicast PacketsPacketsNumber of outbound unicast packets sent.Average

External reference

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