Supported Versions
IBM Informix 14.10


IBM Informix

IBM® Informix® is a fast and scalable database server that manages traditional relational, object-relational, and dimensional databases. Its small footprint and self-managing capabilities are suited to embedded data-management solutions.

The IBM Informix database server runs on UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems. It supports a comprehensive set of high availability options, high levels of performance, data replication capabilities, scalability and minimal administrative overhead for both simple and complex IT infrastructures.


  • Remote machine user credentials should have the administrator/root level access.

  • Server path in configuration is JSON field, need to provide the payload in below format:

    Server Path
        server path :
      "informixServers": [
          "serverName": "ol_informix1410",
          "serverPath": "C:\\Program Files\\IBM Informix Software Bundle\\ol_informix1410.cmd"
          "serverName": "test",
          "serverPath": "C:\\Program Files\\IBM Informix Software Bundle\\test.cmd"
          "serverName": "sample",
          "serverPath": "C:\\Program Files\\IBM Informix Software Bundle\\sample.cmd"

Install the integration

  1. From All Clients, select a client.
  2. Go to Setup > Account.
  3. Select the Integrations and Apps tab.
  4. The Installed Integrations page, where all the installed applications are displayed.
    Note: If there are no installed applications, it will navigate to the ADD APP page.
  5. Click + ADD on the Installed Integrations page. The Available Integrations and Apps page displays all the available applications along with the newly created application with the version.
    Note: You can even search for the application using the search option available. Also you can use the All Categories option to search.
  6. Click ADD in IBM Informix Database. The Install Informix Database Integration popup appears.
    Note: Ensure that Adapter addon is enabled at client and partner levels.
  1. Enter the following information:
    a. Name: Name of the integration
    b. Upload Logo: Optional logo for the integration.
    c. GateWay Profiles: Select a gateway management profile to associate with the client.

  2. Click Install. The Integration page displays the installed integration.

Configure the integration

  1. In the CONFIGURATION section, click + Add.

  2. On Create Adapter Configuration, enter:

    • Name: Configuration name.

    • Server Path: Provide the server path:
      Default: { “informixServers”: [ { “serverName”: “”, “serverPath”: "" } ] }

              server path : 
                "informixServers": [
                    "serverName": "ol_informix1410",
                    "serverPath": "C:\\Program Files\\IBM Informix Software Bundle\\ol_informix1410.cmd"
                    "serverName": "test",
                    "serverPath": "C:\\Program Files\\IBM Informix Software Bundle\\test.cmd"
                    "serverName": "sample",
                    "serverPath": "C:\\Program Files\\IBM Informix Software Bundle\\sample.cmd"
              server path : 
                "informixServers": [
                    "serverName": "ol_informix1410",
                    "serverPath": "/opt/IBM/Informix_Software_Bundle/ol_informix1410.ksh"

    • Database Host Name/IP Address: Enter the database host name/IP address.

    • OS Platform: Select Windows or Linux.

    • Notification Alerts: Select TRUE or FALSE.

  3. In the Server Credentials section, select Custom and enter the Username and Password.

  4. In the Resource Types & Metrics section, select the metrics you want and configure for availability and alert conditions.

  5. In the Discovery Schedule section, select Recurrence Pattern to add one of the following patterns:

    • Minutes
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly

  6. In the Monitoring Schedule section, configure how frequently the monitoring action should trigger.

  1. Click Save.

After saving the integration, Informix resources are discovered and monitoring is enabled as specified by the configuration profile.

The configuration is saved and displayed on the page.

You can perform the actions manually, like Discovery, Monitoring or even Disable the configuration.

The discovered resource(s) are displayed in the Infrastructure page under Server, with Native Resource Type as Informix Database.

The Informix DB Server (Native Resource Type) is displayed under Components:

View resource metrics

To confirm Informix monitoring, review the following:

  • Metric graphs: A graph is plotted for each metric that is enabled in the configuration.
  • Alerts: Alerts are generated for metrics that are configured as defined for integration.

Supported Metrics

Metric NameMetric Display NameUnits

Monitors the Informix Availability
Informix check dbalive

Monitors the Informix virtual CPU system Time
Informix virtual CPU systemmicrosec

Monitors the Informix virtual CPU user Time
Informix virtual CPU usermicrosec

Monitors the Informix buffer cachehit ratio write
Informix buffer cachehit ratio write%

Monitors the Informix buffer cachehit ratio read
Informix buffer cachehit ratio read%

Monitors the Informix Free Dbspace Space
Informix dbsize size mbMB

Monitors the Informix Free Dbspace Space
Informix dbsize size pct%

Monitors the Database inconsistency status
Informix dbspace inconsistent

Monitors the Database offline status
Informix dbspace offline

Monitors the Informix database count
Informix database count

Monitors the Database Server Uptime
Informix server startup

Monitors the Informix Chunk I/O Writes
Informix chunk io write

Monitors the Informix Chunk I/O Reads
Informix chunk io read

Monitors the Informix LRU Writes
Informix lru writes

Monitors the Informix Foreground Writes
Informix foreground writes

Monitors the Informix deadlock timeout
Informix deadlock timeout

Monitors the Informix checkpoint wait
Informix checkpoint wait

Monitors the Informix lock waits
Informix lock wait

Monitors the Informix Buffer Waits
Informix buffer wait

Monitors the Informix Latch Waits
Informix latch wait

Monitors the Informix Thread Overflow
Informix lock user

Monitors the Informix Lock Overflow
Informix lock session

Risks, Limitations & Assumptions

  • OpsRamp provides discovery and monitoring support for only Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Application can handle Critical/Recovery failure alert notifications for below two cases when user enables Notification Alerts in configuration:
    • SQLException
    • SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException
  • Monitoring data regarding metrics is pulled from SYSMASTER database
  • No database level monitoring is provided.
  • Privileges required for the monitoring user:
    • CONNECT access to the sysmaster database
    • CONNECT access to the sysadmin database
  • The availability is shown unknown for few resources even if it is enabled on the respective resource metrics. This is because of the presence of multiple native type resources under the same resource type.