Azure Data Explorer is a fast and highly scalable data exploration service for log and telemetry data. It helps to handle the many data streams emitted by modern software, so we can collect, store, and analyze data. Azure Data Explorer is ideal for analyzing large volumes of diverse data from any data source, such as websites, applications, IoT devices, and more. This data is used for diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, machine learning, and additional analytics capabilities. Azure Data Explorer makes it simple to ingest this data and enables you to do complex ad hoc queries on the data in seconds.

Use OpsRamp Azure Public cloud Integration to discover and collect metrics against Azure Kusto Cluster.


To set up the OpsRamp Azure integration and discover the Azure service, go to Azure Integration Discovery Profile and select Kusto Clusters.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
azure_kusto_cluster_BatchBlobCountBatch Blob CountCountAverageNumber of data sources in an aggregated batch for ingestion.
azure_kusto_cluster_BatchDurationBatch DurationSecondsAverageDuration of the aggregation phase in the ingestion flow.
azure_kusto_cluster_BatchesProcessedBatches ProcessedCountAverageNumber of batches aggregated for ingestion.
azure_kusto_cluster_BatchSizeBatch SizeBytesAverageUncompressed expected data size in an aggregated batch for ingestion.
azure_kusto_cluster_CacheUtilizationCache utilizationPercentAverageUtilization level in the cluster scope.
azure_kusto_cluster_ContinuousExportMaxLatenessMinutesContinuous Export Max LatenessCountMaximumThe lateness (in minutes) reported by the continuous export jobs in the cluster.
azure_kusto_cluster_ContinuousExportNumOfRecordsExportedContinuous export num of exported recordsCountTotalNumber of records exported, fired for every storage artifact written during the export operation.
azure_kusto_cluster_ContinuousExportPendingCountContinuous Export Pending CountCountMaximumNumber of pending continuous export jobs ready for execution.
azure_kusto_cluster_ContinuousExportResultContinuous Export ResultCountCountIndicates whether Continuous Export succeeded or failed.
azure_kusto_cluster_CPUCPUPercentAverageCPU utilization level.
azure_kusto_cluster_EventsProcessedForEventHubsEvents processed (for Event/IoT Hubs)CountTotalNumber of events processed by the cluster when ingesting from Event/IoT Hub.
azure_kusto_cluster_ExportUtilizationExport utilizationPercentMaximumExport utilization.
azure_kusto_cluster_IngestionLatencyInSecondsIngestion latencySecondsAverageIngestion time from the source to the cluster in seconds.
azure_kusto_cluster_IngestionResultIngestion resultCountCountNumber of ingestion operations.
azure_kusto_cluster_IngestionUtilizationIngestion utilizationPercentAverageRatio of used ingestion slots in the cluster.
azure_kusto_cluster_IngestionVolumeInMBIngestion volumeCountTotalOverall volume of ingested data to the cluster.
azure_kusto_cluster_InstanceCountInstance CountCountAverageTotal instance count.
azure_kusto_cluster_KeepAliveKeep aliveCountAverageSanity check indicates the cluster responds to queries.
azure_kusto_cluster_QueryDurationQuery durationMillisecondsAverageQuery duration.
azure_kusto_cluster_SteamingIngestRequestRateStreaming Ingest Request RateCountRateRequestsPerSecondStreaming ingest request rate.
azure_kusto_cluster_StreamingIngestDataRateStreaming Ingest Data RateCountAverageStreaming ingest data rate.
azure_kusto_cluster_StreamingIngestDurationStreaming Ingest DurationMillisecondsAverageStreaming ingest duration in milliseconds.
azure_kusto_cluster_StreamingIngestResultsStreaming Ingest ResultCountAverageStreaming ingest result.
azure_kusto_cluster_TotalNumberOfConcurrentQueriesTotal number of concurrent queriesCountTotalTotal number of concurrent queries.
azure_kusto_cluster_TotalNumberOfExtentsTotal number of extentsCountTotalTotal number of data extents.
azure_kusto_cluster_TotalNumberOfThrottledCommandsTotal number of throttled commandsCountTotalTotal number of throttled commands.
azure_kusto_cluster_TotalNumberOfThrottledQueriesTotal number of throttled queriesCountTotalTotal number of throttled queries.

Event support

  • Supported
  • Configure Azure Events in OpsRamp Azure Integration Discovery Profile.

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