An Azure Blockchain Service member is a blockchain node in a private consortium blockchain network. When provisioning a member, we can create or join a consortium network. We need at least one member for a consortium network. The number of blockchain members needed by participants depends on the scenario. Consortium participants may have one or more blockchain members or they may share members with other participants.

Use OpsRamp Azure Public cloud Integration to discover and collect metrics against Azure Blockchain Members.


To set up the OpsRamp Azure integration and discover the Azure service, go to Azure Integration Discovery Profile and select Blockchain Members.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
azure_blockchain_members_ConnectionAcceptedAccepted ConnectionsCountTotalTotal number of accepted client connections.
azure_blockchain_members_ConnectionActiveActive ConnectionsCountAverageCurrent number of active client connections including Waiting connections.
azure_blockchain_members_ConnectionHandledHandled ConnectionsCountTotalTotal number of handled connections.
azure_blockchain_members_ConsensusEtcdraftCommittedBlockNumberConsensus Etcdraft Committed Block NumberCountAverageConsensus Etcdraft committed block number.
azure_blockchain_members_CpuUsagePercentageInDoubleCPU Usage PercentagePercentMaximumPercentage of the CPU usage.
azure_blockchain_members_EndorserEndorsementFailuresEndorser Endorsement FailuresCountAverageEndorser endorsement failures.
azure_blockchain_members_GossipLeaderElectionLeaderGossip Leader Election LeaderCountTotalGossip leader election leader.
azure_blockchain_members_GossipMembershipTotalPeersKnownGossip Membership Total Peers KnownCountAverageGossip membership total peers known.
azure_blockchain_members_GossipStateHeightGossip State HeightCountAverageGossip membership total peers known.
azure_blockchain_members_IOReadBytesIO Read BytesBytesTotalSum of IO read bytes across all nodes of the blockchain member resource.
azure_blockchain_members_IOWriteBytesIO Write BytesBytesTotalSum of IO writes bytes across all nodes of the blockchain member resource.
azure_blockchain_members_LedgerTransactionCountLedger Transaction CountCountAverageSum of IO writes bytes across all nodes of the blockchain member resource.
azure_blockchain_members_MemoryLimitMemory LimitBytesAverageMaximum memory available for the blockchain process per node.
azure_blockchain_members_MemoryUsageMemory UsageBytesAverageAmount of memory used averaged across all nodes.
azure_blockchain_members_MemoryUsagePercentageInDoubleMemory Usage PercentagePercentAveragePercentage of the memory used averaged across all nodes.
azure_blockchain_members_PendingTransactionsPending TransactionsCountAverageNumber of transactions that are waiting to be mined.
azure_blockchain_members_ProcessedBlocksProcessed BlocksCountTotalNumber of blocks processed in each time interval.
azure_blockchain_members_ProcessedTransactionsProcessed TransactionsCountTotalNumber of transactions processed in a block.
azure_blockchain_members_QueuedTransactionsQueued TransactionsCountAverageNumber of transactions that cannot be immediately mined.
azure_blockchain_members_StorageUsageStorage UsageBytesAverageGB of storage used averaged across all nodes.

Event support

  • Supported
  • Configure Azure Events in OpsRamp Azure Integration Discovery Profile.

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