• Alibaba account number
  • Alibaba access key
  • Alibaba security key

Alibaba Cloud configuration

Configuring Alibaba involves creating credentials and granting access. The credentials authorize access to Alibaba services for installing the integration using your IAM credentials.

  1. Create a RAM user.
  2. Log on as a RAM user.
  3. Grant permissions to the new RAM user.
  4. Check the RAM user permissions.

OpsRamp configuration

Install the Alibaba Cloud integration using the IAM credentials.

After you have copied all the details from your Alibaba account, use the details to install Alibaba integration on the OpsRamp console.

  1. Go to Setup > Integrations > Integrations.
  2. Select a client from the client list.
  3. From the Available Integrations section, click Public Cloud > Alibaba.
  4. Click Install.
  5. On the Install Alibaba Integration page, provide:
    • Name: Provide a suitable name for the integration.
    • Region: Select the region from the drop-down list. The services that belong to the selected region are onboarded. You can select multiple regions to onboard the services. If you select two regions A and B, and if you are not authorized to access region B, onboarding fails for both regions A and B.
    • AlibabaType: IAM
    • Account Number: Account number of the trusted account.
    • Access Key: Access key generated in the Alibaba console of the trusted account.
    • Security Key: Security key generated in the Alibaba console of the trusted account.
  6. Click Install.

The credentials of the Alibaba account integration and discovery profiles are displayed.

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