The kubelet is the primary node agent that runs on each node. It can register the node with the apiserver using one of the hostnames (a flag to override the hostname) or a specific logic for a cloud provider. The kubelet works in terms of a PodSpec. A PodSpec is a YAML or JSON object that describes a pod. The kubelet takes a set of PodSpecs that are provided through various mechanisms (primarily through the apiserver) and ensures that the containers described in those PodSpecs are running and healthy. The kubelet does not manage containers that are not created by Kubernetes.

Global Template

Assign following template to Microk8s Master or Microk8s integration resource under Infrastructure > Resources page.

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

G2 Monitor Name: Agent G2 - Linux - Microk8s Kubelet

Global Template Name: Agent G2 - Linux – Microk8s Kubelet

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescriptionUnits
kube_pods_runningPods RunningThe number of running pods
kube_containers_runningContainers RunningThe number of running containers
kube_containers_restartsContainers RestartsThe number of times the container is restarted
kube_cpu_load_10s_avgCpu Load 10S AvgContainer CPU load average over the last 10 seconds
kube_cpu_system_totalCpu System TotalSystem CPU time consumed in secondsper second
kube_cpu_user_totalCpu User TotalUser cpu time consumed in secondsper second
kube_cpu_cfs_periodsCpu Cfs PeriodsNumber of elapsed enforcement period intervalsper second
kube_cpu_cfs_throttled_periodsCpu Cfs Throttled PeriodsNumber of throttled period intervalsper second
kube_cpu_cfs_throttled_secondsCpu Cfs Throttled SecondsTotal duration of the container being throttledper second
kube_node_cpu_capacityNode Cpu CapacityCPU capacity of Node (Plotted in Millicores)millicores
kube_node_memory_capacityNode Memory CapacityMemory capacity of node (Plotted in Megabytes)megabytes
kube_node_cpu_usage_percentageNode Cpu Usage PercentageCPU usage percentage of nodepercent
kube_node_memory_usage_percentageNode Memory Usage PercentageMemory usage percentage of nodepercent
kube_node_cpu_allocatableNode Cpu AllocatableCPU allocatable of nodemillicores
kube_node_memory_allocatableNode Memory AllocatableMemory allocatable of nodemegabytes
kube_node_cpu_usageNode Cpu UsageCPU usage of node (Plotted in Millicores)millicores
kube_node_memory_usageNode Memory UsageMemory usage of node (Plotted in Megabytes)megabytes
kube_cpu_usage_totalCpu Usage TotalCPU time consumed in secondsper second
kube_cpu_limitsCpu LimitsThe limit of CPU cores setmillicores
kube_cpu_requestsCpu RequestsThe requested CPU coresmillicores
kube_filesystem_usageFilesystem UsageNumber of megabytes that are consumed by the container on this filesystemmegabytes
kube_filesystem_usage_pctFilesystem Usage PctNumber of megabytes that can be consumed by the container on this filesystemFraction
kube_io_read_bytesIo Read BytesThe amount of bytes read from the diskbytes/second
kube_io_write_bytesIo Write BytesThe amount of bytes written to the diskbytes/second
kube_memory_limitsMemory LimitsMemory limit for the containermegabytes
kube_memory_sw_limitMemory Sw LimitMemory swap limit for the containerbytes
kube_memory_requestsMemory RequestsThe requested memorymegabytes
kube_memory_usageMemory UsageCurrent memory usage in bytes including all memory regardless of when it was accessedbytes
kube_memory_working_setMemory Working SetCurrent working set in megabytes, for which the OOM killer is watchingmegabytes
kube_memory_cacheMemory CacheNumber of bytes of page cache memorybytes
kube_memory_rssMemory RssSize of RSS in bytesbytes
kube_memory_swapMemory SwapContainer swap usage in bytesbytes
kube_network_rx_bytesNetwork Rx BytesThe amount of bytes received per secondbytes/second
kube_network_rx_droppedNetwork Rx DroppedThe amount of Rx packets dropped per secondpackets/second
kube_network_rx_errorsNetwork Rx ErrorsThe amount of Rx errors per seconderrors/second
kube_network_tx_bytesNetwork Tx BytesThe number of bytes transmitted per secondbytes/second
kube_network_tx_droppedNetwork Tx DroppedThe amount of tx packets dropped per secondpackets/second
kube_network_tx_errorsNetwork Tx ErrorsThe amount of tx errors per seconderrors/second
kube_apiserver_certificate_expirationApiserver Certificate ExpirationAverage distribution of the remaining lifetime on the certificate used to authenticate a request since last poolseconds
kube_rest_client_requestsRest Client RequestsThe number of HTTP requestsoperations/second
kube_rest_client_latencyRest Client LatencyAverage Request latency in seconds. Broken down by verb and URL since last poolseconds
kube_kubelet_runtime_operationsKubelet Runtime OperationsThe number of runtime operationsoperations/second
kube_kubelet_runtime_errorsKubelet Runtime ErrorsThe number of runtime operations errorsoperations/second
kube_kubelet_network_plugin_latencyKubelet Network Plugin LatencyAverage latency in seconds of network plugin operations. Broken down by operation type since the last poolseconds
kube_kubelet_volume_stats_available_bytesKubelet Volume Stats Available BytesThe number of available bytes in the volumebytes
kube_kubelet_volume_stats_capacity_bytesKubelet Volume Stats Capacity BytesThe capacity in bytes of the volumebytes
kube_kubelet_volume_stats_used_bytesKubelet Volume Stats Used BytesThe number of used bytes in the volumebytes
kube_kubelet_volume_stats_inodesKubelet Volume Stats InodesThe maximum number of inodes in the volumeInode
kube_kubelet_volume_stats_inodes_freeKubelet Volume Stats Inodes FreeThe number of free inodes in the volumeInode
kube_kubelet_volume_stats_inodes_usedKubelet Volume Stats Inodes UsedThe number of used inodes in the volumeInode
kube_ephemeral_storage_usageEphemeral Storage UsageEphemeral storage usage of the PODmegabytes
kube_kubelet_evictionsKubelet EvictionsThe number of pods that have been evicted from the kubelet (ALPHA in kubernetes v1.16)
kube_kubelet_cpu_usageKubelet Cpu UsageThe number of cores used by kubeletmillicores
kube_kubelet_memory_rssKubelet Memory RssSize of kubelet RSS in megabytesmegabytes
kube_runtime_cpu_usageRuntime Cpu UsageThe number of cores used by the runtimemillicores
kube_runtime_memory_rssRuntime Memory RssSize of runtime RSSmegabytes
kube_kubelet_container_log_filesystem_used_bytesKubelet Container Log Filesystem Used BytesBytes used by the container's logs on the filesystem (requires kubernetes 1.14+)bytes


Navigate to Infrastructure > Resources tab to check if your resources are onboarded and the metrics are collected.