Collector Type : Agent

Category : Application Monitors

Application Name : Docker

Global Template Name : LINUX Docker Template


Docker is a tool designed to create, deploy and run applications by using Containers. Containers consist of application dependencies like code, system libraries, system tools to run an application. A Docker host is considered as an asset and OpsRamp helps to monitor the assets.


DescriptionDefault Value
The protocol to be used.http
The host on which docker is running.
The port on which docker is running.NA
The Unix Socket path to connectNA

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
dns.requests.rcvd.ipv4Docker Total ContainersITotal Number of contrainers in docker host.
dns.responses.sentDocker Container statesThe current state of the container.
docker.cpuDocker CpuCpu usage of the docker container.
docker.memoryDocker MemoryMemory usage of the docker container.
docker.networkDocker NetworkNetwork statistics of the docker container.
docker.disk.ioDocker Disk IopsDisk IO statistics of the docker container.