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Azure Public IP Address

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A public IP address is a resource with its own configurable settings. Used for communication with the internet, including Azure public-facing services.


To set up the OpsRamp Azure integration and discover the Azure service, go to Azure Integration Discovery Profile and select Public IP Address.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription packets DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound packets DDoS
azure.packets.dropped.ddoSInbound packets dropped DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound packets dropped DDoS
azure.packets.forwarded.ddoSInbound packets forwarded DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound packets forwarded DDoS TCP packets DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound TCP packets DDoS
azure.tcp.packets.dropped.ddoSInbound TCP packets dropped DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound TCP packets dropped DDoS
azure.tcp.packets.forwarded.ddoSInbound TCP packets forwarded DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound TCP packets forwarded DDoS UDP packets in DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound UDP packets in DDoS
azure.udp.packets.dropped.ddoSInbound UDP packets dropped DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound UDP packets dropped in DDoS
azure.udp.packets.forwarded.ddoSInbound UDP packets forwarded DDoSCountPerSecondAverageInbound UDP packets forwarded DDoS bytes DDoSBytesPerSecondAverageInbound bytes DDoS
azure.bytes.dropped.ddoSInbound bytes dropped DDoSBytesPerSecondAverageInbound bytes dropped DDoS
azure.bytes.forwarded.ddoSInbound bytes forwarded DDoSBytesPerSecondAverageInbound bytes forwarded DDoS
azure.tcp.bytes.dropped.ddoSInbound TCP bytes dropped DDoSBytesPerSecondAverageInbound TCP bytes dropped DDoS
azure.tcp.bytes.forwared.ddoSInbound TCP bytes forwarded DDoSBytesPerSecondAverageInbound TCP bytes forwarded DDoS UDP bytes DDoSBytesPerSecondAverageInbound UDP bytes DDoS
azure.udp.bytes.dropped.ddoSInbound UDP bytes dropped DDoSBytesPerSecondAverageInbound UDP bytes dropped DDoS
azure.udp.bytes.forwarded.ddoSInbound UDP bytes forwarded DDoSBytesPerSecondAverageInbound UDP bytes forwarded DDoS
azure.if.under.ddo.SAttackUnder DDoS attack or notCountAverageUnder DDoS attack or not.
azure.ddo.strigger.tcp.packetsInbound TCP packets to trigger DDoS mitigationCountPerSecondAverageInbound TCP packets to trigger DDoS mitigation.
azure.ddo.strigger.udp.packetsInbound UDP packets to trigger DDoS mitigationCountPerSecondAverageInbound UDP packets to trigger DDoS mitigation.
azure.publicip.ddos.trigger.synpacketsInbound SYN packets to trigger DDoS mitigationCountPerSecondAverageInbound SYN packets to trigger DDoS mitigation. Path AvailabilityCountAverageAverage IP Address availability per time duration.
azure.publicip.byte.countByte CountCountTotalTotal number of Bytes transmitted within time period.
azure.publicip.packet.countPacket CountCountTotalTotal number of Packets transmitted within time period.
azure.publicip.syn.countSYN CountCountTotalTotal number of SYN transmitted within time period. TCP bytes DDoSBytesPerSecondMaximumInbound TCP bytes DDoS

Event support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp Azure Integration Discovery Profile.

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