Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Azure Hosting Environment MultiRole Pool

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App Service Environments provides a fully isolated and dedicated environment for securely running Azure App Service apps at high scale, including Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and API Apps.

App Service Environments are ideal for application workloads that require:

  • Very high scale
  • Isolation and secure network access


To set up the OpsRamp Azure integration and discover the Azure service, go to Azure Integration Discovery Profile and select Hosting Environment MultiRole Pool.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription ReceivedBytesTotalBytes Received SentBytesTotalBytes Sent 2xxCountTotalHTTP 2xx 3xxCountTotalHTTP 3xx 401CountTotalHTTP 401 403CountTotalHTTP 403 404CountTotalHTTP 404 406CountTotalHTTP 406 4xxCountTotalHTTP 4xx 5xxCountTotalHTTP 5xx Response TimeSecondsAverageAverage Response Time
azure.cpu.percentageCPU PercentagePercentAverageCPU Percentage
azure.memory.percentageMemory PercentagePercentAverageMemory Percentage
azure.disk.queue.lengthDisk Queue LengthCountTotalDisk Queue Length
azure.http.queue.lengthHTTP Queue LengthCountTotalHTTP Queue Length RequestsCountAverageActive Requests Front EndsCountAverageTotal Front Ends App Service Plan WorkersCountAverageSmall App Service Plan Workers App Service Plan WorkersCountAverageMedium App Service Plan Workers App Service Plan WorkersCountAverageLarge App Service Plan Workers

Event support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp Azure Integration Discovery Profile.

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