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Azure Supported Services

Provides setup and metric information about supported Azure services.

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In this section

Azure Active Directory B2C

Azure Analysis Services

Azure API Management

Azure App Service Environment

Azure App Service Plan

Azure Application Gateway

Azure Application Insights

Azure Automation Account

Azure Batch Accounts

Azure Cache for Redis

Azure CDN Profile

Azure Cognitive Service Account

Azure Compute Disk

Azure Container Instances

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Customer Insights

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Lake Analytics

Azure Data Lake Store Accounts

Azure DB for MariaDB

Azure DB for MySQL

Azure Device Provisioning Service

Azure Event Grid

Azure EventHub Namespace

Azure ExpressRoute

Azure HD Insight Cluster

Azure Hosting Environment MultiRole Pool

Azure Insights Autoscale Settings

Azure IOT Hub

Azure Key Vault

Azure Load Balancer

Azure Local Network Gateway

Azure Logic App

Azure MachineLearning CommitmentPlan

Azure MachineLearning Workspace

Azure Network Connection

Azure Network Interface

Azure Network Security Groups

Azure Notification Hub

Azure Operational Insights Workspace

Azure Operations Management Solution

Azure Portal Dashboard

Azure PostgreSQL Server

Azure PostgreSQL Server Group

Azure PostgreSQL Serversv2

Azure Public IP Address

Azure Queue Storage

Azure Recovery Services Vault

Azure Relay

Azure Restore Point Collections

Azure Route Table

Azure Scheduler Job Collection

Azure Search Service

Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Fabric Cluster

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Elastic Pool

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure Storage Volume

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Terraform

Azure Traffic Manager Profiles

Azure Virtual Machine

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set

Azure Virtual Network Gateways

Azure Virtual Networks

Azure Website

Azure Website Slot