Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

AWS AppSync

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AWS AppSync is a managed service that uses GraphQL. Application development is simplified with a flexible API that securely accesses, manipulates, and combines data from one or more data sources.

With AppSync, scalable applications can be built:

  • With real-time updates.
  • On a range of data sources (such as NoSQL data stores, relational databases, HTTP APIs).
  • For custom data sources with AWS Lambda.

For mobile and web apps, AppSync provides:

  • Local data access when devices go offline,
  • Data synchronization with customizable conflict resolution when devices are back online.


To set up the OpsRamp AWS integration and discover the AWS service, go to AWS Integration Discovery Profile and select AppSync API.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
aws_appsync_4xx4XX ErrorsNoneSumNumber of errors captured as a result of invalid requests due to an incorrect client configuration.
aws_appsync_5xx5XX ErrorsNoneSumErrors encountered during the execution of a GraphQL query.
aws_appsync_LatencyLatencyNoneAverageTime between when AWS AppSync receives a request from a client and when it returns a response to the client.

Event support

CloudTrail event support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp AWS Integration Discovery Profile.

CloudWatch alarm support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp AWS Integration Discovery Profile.

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