Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: ElasticSearch

Global Template Name: Template not created in portal


Elasticsearch is a search engine based on the Lucene library. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. Elasticsearch is developed in Java and is released as open-source under the terms of the Apache License. This is a real-time distributed and open-source full-text search and analytics engine.


For Virtual Machines, install the Linux Agent.


DescriptionDefault Value

The protocol to be used.

The host on which ElasticSearch is running.

Issue a warning if the number of master-eligible nodes in the cluster drops below this number. By default value - 0, do not monitor the number of nodes in the cluster.
Failure Domain

A comma-separated list of ElasticSearch attributes that make up your cluster's failure domain. This should be the same list of attributes that ElasticSearch's location-aware shard allocator has been configured with. If this option is supplied, additional checks are carried out to ensure that primary and replica shards are not stored in the same failure domain..

Note: All field attributes are mandatory, use default values wherever applicable.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay Name
es.cluster.statusElasticSearch Cluster Status
es.cluster.nodesElasticSearch Cluster Nodes Cpu Cluster Active primary shards
es.cluster.shards.activeElasticSearch Cluster Active shards
es.cluster.shards.relocatingElasticSearch Cluster Relocating shards
es.cluster.shards.initializingElasticSearch Cluster Initializing shards
es.cluster.shards.unassignedElasticSearch Cluster Unassigned shards Docs total Docs deleted Store size
es.refresh.opsElasticSearch Refresh ops
es.refresh.timeElasticSearch Refresh time
es.flush.opsElasticSearch Flush ops
es.flush.timeElasticSearch Flush time
es.merges.opsElasticSearch Merges ops
es.merges.timeElasticSearch Merges time Merged docs count Merged docs size
es.indexing.index.countElasticSearch Indexing index count
es.indexing.index.timeElasticSearch Indexing index time Search query ops Search query time Search fetch ops Search fetch time
es.cache.field.evictionsElasticSearch Cache field evictions
es.cache.field.sizeElasticSearch Cache field size
es.cache.filter.countElasticSearch Cache filter count
es.cache.filter.evictionsElasticSearch Cache filter evictions
es.cache.filter.sizeElasticSearch Cache filter size
es.process.openfdsElasticSearch Process OpenFDs
es.jvm.gc.collection_countESJVM GC collection_count
es.jvm.gc.collection_timeESJVM GC collection_time
es.jvm.gc.concurrent_mark_sweep.countESJVM GC concurrent_mark_sweep count
es.jvm.gc.concurrent_mark_sweep.collection_timeESJVM GC concurrent_mark_sweep collection_time
es.jvm.gc.par_new.countESJVM GC par_new count
es.jvm.gc.par_new.collection_timeESJVM GC par_new collection_time
es.jvm.gc.copy.countESJVM GC copy count
es.jvm.gc.copy.collection_timeESJVM GC copy collection_time
es.jvm.mem.heap_committedESJVM Mem heap_committed
es.jvm.mem.heap_usedESJVM Mem heap_used
es.jvm.mem.non_heap_committedESJVM Mem non_heap_committed
es.jvm.mem.non_heap_usedESJVM Mem non_heap_used
es.jvm.threadsESJVM Threads
es.master.eligible.nodesElasticSearch Master Eligible Nodes
es.failure.domainsElasticSearch Failure Domains