Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: ActiveMQ

Global Template Name: LINUX ActiveMQ Template


Apache ActiveMQ is a Java-based open source message-oriented middleware software for communication between distributed applications from Apache Foundation Software and onitored through JMX. ActiveMQ processes incoming messages from applications and communicates them across your infrastructure.

Pre-requisite : Please refer to JMX Monitoring to enable JMX in the java application.


NamesDefault ValueDescription
IPAddress127.0.0.1IP Address on which the JMX listens
Port7199JMX Listener port
UsernameNAUsername, if enabled in JMX
PasswordNAUsername, if enabled in JMX
Java Bin PathjavaPath of the Java binary.

Note: All field attributes are mandatory. Use default values wherever applicable.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
activemq.queue.sizeActiveMQ Queue SizeThe number of messages that currently reside in the queue. Potentially dispatched but unacknowledged.
activemq.queue.consumer_countActiveMQ Consumer CountNumber of consumers subscribed to this destination
activemq.queue.producer_countActiveMQ Producer CountNumber of producers
activemq.queue.dequeue_countActiveMQ Dequeue CountNumber of messages that have been acknowledged (and removed) from the destination since last restart.
activemq.queue.dispatch_countActiveMQ Dispatch CountNumber of messages that have been dispatched (Dequeue + Inflight).
activemq.queue.enqueue_countActiveMQ Enqueue CountNumber of messages that have been sent to the destination since the last restart.
activemq.queue.expired_countActiveMQ Expired CountNumber of messages that were expired.
activemq.queue.inflight_countActiveMQ InFlight CountNumber of messages sent to a destination and have not received an acknowledgement.
activemq.queue.avg_enqueuetimeActiveMQ Average Enqueue TimeOn average, the amount of time (ms) that messages remained enqueued. Or average time it is taking the consumers to successfully process messages.
activemq.queue.max_enqueuetimeActiveMQ Max Enqueue TimeThe maximum amount of time that messages remained enqueued.
activemq.queue.memory.prctActiveMQ Queue Memory UsageThe percentage of the memory limit used by queues. Broker Memory UsageThe percent of memory limit used. Broker Store UsageThe space used by the Message Store. Broker Temp UsageThe space used by the store for temporary messages.
activemq.jvm.uptimeActiveMQ UptimeUptime of the server
activemq.jvm.gc.collection_countActiveMQ JVM GC collection_countNumber of garbage objects collected
activemq.jvm.gc.collection_timeActiveMQ JVM GC collection_timeTime taken for collection of the garbage objects.
activemq.jvm.mem.heap_committedActiveMQ JVM Mem heap_committedHeap memory committed (in MB) for the server
activemq.jvm.mem.heap_usedActiveMQ JVM Mem heap_usedHeap memory usage (in MB) of the server
activemq.jvm.mem.non_heap_committedActiveMQ JVM Mem non_heap_committedNon-heap memory committed (in MB) for the server
activemq.jvm.mem.non_heap_usedActiveMQ JVM Mem non_heap_usedNon-heap memory usage (in MB) of the server
activemq.jvm.threadsActiveMQ JVM ThreadsNumber of threads. JVM OpenFDsNumber of Open file descriptors of the server