Monitors Oracle Monitors

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: Oracle_Monitors_through_Config_Params

Global Template Name : Oracle Monitors Through Configuration Parameters DotNet v4

Pre-requisites : Collected Metrics for Oracle_Monitors_through_Config_Params

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
Oracle_BlockingLockQueriesOracle_BlockingLockQueriesValidates the how many block lock queries on particular database.
Oracle_CacheInvalidationsOracle_CacheInvalidationsValidates the how many Cache invalidations on particular database.
Oracle_DataFileDiskReadsOracle_DataFileDiskReadsValidates the Number of Data file disk reads by database.
Oracle_DataFileDiskWritesOracle_DataFileDiskWritesValidates the Number of Data file disk writes to database.
Oracle_DataFilelesizeAllocatedOracle_DataFilelesizeAllocatedValidates the Data File Size Allocated for the database.
Oracle_LibraryCacheGetsOracle_LibraryCacheGetsValidates the Number of Library Cache gets by database.
Oracle_LibraryCacheReloadsOracle_LibraryCacheReloadsValidates the Number of Library Cache Reloads by database.
Oracle_LongRunningQueriesOracle_LongRunningQueriesValidates the how many long running queries on particular database.
Oracle_ProcessesOracle_ProcessesValidates the how many processes on particular database.
Oracle_SessionsOracle_SessionsValidates how many sessions currently on particular database.
Oracle_TablescanBlocksOracle_TablescanBlocksNumber of blocks received via table scans.
Oracle_TableSpaceAllocatedOracle_TableSpaceAllocatedValidates the Size allocated for the table by database.
Oracle_TableSpaceFreeOracle_TableSpaceFreeValidates the Size allocated for the table by database.
Oracle_UserRollbacksOracle_UserRollbacksThis metric represents the number of times, per transaction during the sample period, that users manually issue the ROLLBACK statement or an error occurred during a user's transactions.
Oracle_UsersCommitOracle_UsersCommitValidates Number of User commits.