Monitors MSSQL data.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: MSSQL2014

Global Template Name : Microsoft SQL 2014 DotNet v4 - Performance Counters

Pre-requisites : For MSSQL 2016 monitors need Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
mssql2014.user.connectionsmssql2014.user.connectionsShows the number of users connected to the system.
mssql2014.logins.per.secmssql2014.logins.per.secShows the total number of logins started per second.
mssql2014.logouts.per.secmssql2014.logouts.per.secShows the total number of logouts started per second.
mssql2014.sqlreceives.per.secmssql2014.sqlreceives.per.secShows the number of SQL RECEIVE commands processed by the Broker per second.
mssql2014.sqlsends.per.secmssql2014.sqlsends.per.secShows the number of SQL SEND commands processed by the Broker per second. the number of Service Broker related transactions that have rolled back.
mssql2014.tasklimit.reachedmssql2014.tasklimit.reachedShows the total number of times the activated task limit on a queue has been reached.
mssql2014.tasksaborted.per.secmssql2014.tasksaborted.per.secShows the number of activated tasks that are being aborted per second.
mssql2014.latchwaits.per.secmssql2014.latchwaits.per.secShows the number of latch requests that could not be granted immediately and had to wait before being granted.
mssql2014.average.latchwait.timemsmssql2014.average.latchwait.timemsShows the Average latch wait time (milliseconds) for latch requests that had to wait.
mssql2014.datafilessize.kbmssql2014.datafilessize.kbShows the cumulative size of all the data files in the database.
mssql2014.logfiles.usedsize.kbmssql2012.forwarded.records.per.secShows the cumulative used size of all the log files in the database.
mssql2014.transactions.per.secmssql2014.transactions.per.secShows the number of transactions started for the database.
mssql2014.locktimeouts.per.secmssql2014.locktimeouts.per.secShows the number of lock requests that timed out. This includes requests for NOWAIT locks.
mssql2014.numberofdeadlocks.per.secmssql2014.numberofdeadlocks.per.secShows the number of lock requests that resulted in a deadlock. the total number of transport connections currently open.
mssql2014.receiveiperos.per.secmssql2014.receiveiperos.per.secShows the number of transport receives I/O per second. Note that a transport receive I/O may contain more than one message fragment.
mssql2014.sendiperos.per.secmssql2014.sendiperos.per.secShows the number of transport send I/Os per second. Note that a transport send I/O may contain more than one message fragment.
mssql2014.sqlcompilations.per.secmssql2014.sqlcompilations.per.secShows the number of SQL compilations.
SQLReCompilationsPersecSQLReCompilationsPersecShows the number of SQL recompiles.
mssql2014.sqlrecompilations.per.secmssql2014.sqlrecompilations.per.secShows the ratio between cache hits and lookups.
mssql2014.cachehit.ratiomssql2014.cachehit.ratioShows the Percentage of pages that were found in the buffer pool without having to incur a read from disk.
mssql2014.buffercache.hit.ratiomssql2014.buffercache.hit.ratioPercentage of pages that were found in the buffer pool without having to incur a read from disk.