Monitors MSSQL data.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: MSSQL2012PerformanceCounters

Global Template Name : Microsoft SQL 2012 DotNet v4 - Performance Counters

Pre-requisites : For MSSQL 2012 monitors need Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription number of active update transactions for the database. of physical database page reads issued. of physical database page writes issued.
mssql2012.database.pagesmssql2012.database.pagesNumber of pages in the buffer pool with database content.
mssql2012.cache.object.countsmssql2012.cache.object.countsNumber of cache objects in the cache. of cache objects in use. amount of memory the server is willing to consume.
mssql2012.granted.workspace.memory.kbmssql2012.granted.workspace.memory.kbTotal amount of memory granted to executing processes. This memory is used for hash, sort and create index operations. of autoparameterization attempts. of failed autoparameterizations.
mssql2012.batch.requests.per.secmssql2012.batch.requests.per.secNumber of SQL batch requests received by server.
mssql2012.forwarded.records.per.secmssql2012.forwarded.records.per.secNumber of records fetched through forwarded record pointers. of page splits per second that occur as a result of overflowing index pages.
mssql2012.full.scans.per.secmssql2012.full.scans.per.secNumber of unrestricted full scans. These can either be base table or full index scans.
mssql2012.probe.scans.per.secmssql2012.probe.scans.per.secNumber of probe scans per second that are used to find at most one single qualified row in an index or base table directly.
mssql2012.range.scans.per.secmssql2012.range.scans.per.secNumber of qualified range scans through indexes per second.
mssql2012.workfiles.created.per.secmssql2012.workfiles.created.per.secNumber of work files created per second. For example, work files could be used to store temporary results for hash joins and hash aggregates.
mssql2012.worktables.created.per.secmssql2012.worktables.created.per.secNumber of work tables created per second. For example, work tables could be used to store temporary results for query spool, LOB variables, XML variables, and cursors. of new locks and lock conversions requested from the lock manager.
mssql2012.lock.wait.time.msmssql2012.lock.wait.time.msTotal wait time (milliseconds) for locks in the last second.