Monitors MSSQL data.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: MSSQL2008

Global Template Name : Microsoft SQL 2008 DotNet v4 - Performance Counters

Pre-requisites : For MSSQL 2008 monitors need Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
UserConnectionsUserConnectionsNumber of users connected to the system.
LoginsPersecLoginsPersecTotal number of logins started per second.
LogoutsPersecLogoutsPersecTotal number of logouts started per second.
SQLRECEIVEsPersecSQLRECEIVEsPersecThe number of SQL RECEIVE commands processed by the Broker per second.
SQLSENDsPersecSQLSENDsPersecThe number of SQL SEND commands processed by the Broker per second.
BrokerTransactionRollbacksBrokerTransactionRollbacksThe number of Service Broker related transactions that have rolled back.
TaskLimitReachedTaskLimitReachedThe total number of times the activated task limit on a queue has been reached.
TasksAbortedPersecTasksAbortedPersecThe number of activated tasks that are being aborted per second.
LatchWaitsPersecLatchWaitsPersecNumber of latch requests that could not be granted immediately and had to wait before being granted.
AverageLatchWaitTimemsAverageLatchWaitTimemsAverage latch wait time (milliseconds) for latch requests that had to wait.
DataSpaceofDBDataSpaceofDBThe cumulative size of all the data files in the database.
UsedLogSpaceUsedLogSpaceThe cumulative used size of all the log files in the database.
TransactionsPersecTransactionsPersecNumber of transactions started for the database.
LockTimeoutsPersecLockTimeoutsPersecNumber of lock requests that timed out. This includes requests for NOWAIT locks.
NumberofDeadlocksPersecNumberofDeadlocksPersecNumber of lock requests that resulted in a deadlock.
OpenConnectionCountOpenConnectionCountThe total number of transport connections currently open.
ReceiveIPerOsPersecReceiveIPerOsPersecThe number of transport receives I/O per second. Note that a transport receive I/O may contain more than one message fragment.
SendIPerOsPersecSendIPerOsPersecThe number of transport send I/Os per second. Note that a transport send I/O may contain more than one message fragment.
SQLCompilationsPersecSQLCompilationsPersecNumber of SQL compilations.
SQLReCompilationsPersecSQLReCompilationsPersecNumber of SQL recompiles.
MSSQLCacheHitRatioMSSQLCacheHitRatioRatio between cache hits and lookups.
BufferCacheHitRatioBufferCacheHitRatioPercentage of pages that were found in the buffer pool without having to incur a read from disk.