Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: Sharepoint

Global Template Name : Microsoft SharePoint Performance Counters DotNet v4

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
RequestExecutionTimeRequestExecutionTimeThe number of milliseconds that it took to execute the most recent request.
RequestWaitTimeRequestWaitTimeThe number of milliseconds the most recent request was waiting in the queue.
RequestsQueuedRequestsQueuedThe number of requests waiting to be processed.
RequestsRejectedRequestsRejectedThe number of requests rejected because the request queue was full.
WorkerProcessRestartsWorkerProcessRestartsNumber of times a worker process has restarted on the machine.
ApplicationRestartsApplicationRestartsNumber of times the application has been restarted during the web server's lifetime.
CurrentConnectionsCurrentConnectionsCurrent Connections is the current number of connections established with the Web service.
TotalMethodRequestsPersecTotalMethodRequestsPersecThe rate HTTP requests are received.
ConnectionAttemptsPersecConnectionAttemptsPersecThe rate that connections to the Web service are being attempted.
QueriesQueriesNumber of queries.
QueriesSucceededQueriesSucceededNumber of queries succeeded.
RequestsPerSecRequestsPerSecThe number of requests executed per second.
CacheTotalHitRatioCacheTotalHitRatioRatio of hits from all cache calls.
CacheTotalEntriesCacheTotalEntriesTotal number of entries within the cache (both internal and user added).