Applicable on Exchange Servers with the ETS role.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: MSExchange2013EdgeTransportServer

Global Template Name: Microsoft Exchange 2013 DotNet v4 - Server Role - Edge Transport Server (ETS)

Version: Microsoft Exchange 2013

Prerequisites: For Exchange 2013 ETS server role monitors need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
SubmissionQueueLengthSubmissionQueueLengthThe number of items in the submission queue when sample was taken.
UnreachableQueueLengthUnreachableQueueLengthThe number of messages in Unreachable Queue when sample was taken.
PoisonQueueLengthPoisonQueueLengthThe number of messages in the poison message queue.
VersionbucketsallocatedVersionbucketsallocatedVersion Buckets Allocated is the total number of version buckets allocated.
IODatabaseReadsPersecIODatabaseReadsPersecI/O Database Reads/sec is the rate of database read operations completed.
IODatabaseWritesPersecIODatabaseWritesPersecI/O Database Writes/sec is the rate of database write operations completed.
LogRecordStallsPersecLogRecordStallsPersecLog Record Stalls/sec is the number of log records that cannot be added to the log buffers per second because they are full. If this counter is nonzero most of the time, the log buffer size may be a bottleneck.
LogThreadsWaitingLogThreadsWaitingLog Threads Waiting is the number of threads waiting for their data to be written to the log in order to complete an update of the database. If this number is too high, the log may be a bottleneck.
DatabaseCachePercentHitDatabaseCachePercentHitExchange is essentially a database application, relying upon transaction logs and database files for data integrity and storage. This monitor shows the percentage of database file page requests that were fulfilled by the database cache without causing a failure.