Applicable on Exchange Servers with the MBS role.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: MSExchange2007HUBTransportServers

Global Template Name: Microsoft Exchange 2007 - Server Role - Mailbox Servers (MBS) DotNet v4

Version: Microsoft Exchange 2007

Prerequisites: For MBS role monitors need Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
RPCRequestsRPCRequestsIndicates the number of MAPI RPC requests presently being serviced by the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service. The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service can service only 100 RPC requests.
RPCAveragedLatencyRPCAveragedLatencyIndicates the RPC latency in milliseconds, averaged for the past 1024 packets.
RPCOperationsPersecRPCOperationsPersecThis counter provides the number of RPC operations per second that client computers are currently requesting from the server.Sometimes, an unexpected increase in RPC operational load can result in poor server performance.
RPCNumofSlowPacketsRPCNumofSlowPacketsIndicates the number of RPC packets in the past 1024 that have latencies that are longer than two seconds.This should always be less than two. Certain normal operations may take longer than two seconds, but the average should always be less than two.
RPCClientBackoffPersecRPCClientBackoffPersecShows the rate that the server notifies the client to back off. Indicates the rate at which client backoffs are occurring. Higher values may indicate that the server may be incurring a higher load resulting in an increase in overall averaged RPC latencies.
ClientRPCsFailedServerTooBusyPersecClientRPCsFailedServerTooBusyPersecShows the clientreported rate of failed RPCs (since the store was started) due to the Server Too Busy ROC error.Should be 0 at all times. Higher values may indicate RPC threads are exhausted or client throttling is occurring for clients running versions.
UserCountUserCountUser Count is the number of users connected to the information store.
MessagesDeliveredPersecMessagesDeliveredPersecMessages Delivered/sec is the rate that messages are delivered to all recipients.
MessagesQueuedForSubmissionISMailboxMessagesQueuedForSubmissionISMailboxMessages Queued For Submission is the current number of submitted messages which are not yet processed by transport.
DirectoryAccessLDAPReadsPersecDirectoryAccessLDAPReadsPersecDirectory Access: LDAP Reads/sec is the rate LDAP reads occur while processing requests for the client.
DirectoryAccessLDAPSearchesPersecDirectoryAccessLDAPSearchesPersecDirectory Access: LDAP Searches/sec is the rate LDAP searches occur while processing requests for the client.
MessagesQueuedForSubmissionISPublicMessagesQueuedForSubmissionISPublicMessages Queued For Submission is the current number of submitted messages which are not yet processed by transport.
ReplicationReceiveQueueSizeReplicationReceiveQueueSizeReplication Receive Queue Size is the number of replication messages waiting to be processed.
DatabasePageFaultStallsPersecDatabasePageFaultStallsPersecDatabase Page Fault Stalls/sec is the rate of page faults that cannot be serviced because there are no pages available for allocation from the database cache. If this counter is nonzero most of the time, the clean threshold may be too low.
LogRecordStallsPersecLogRecordStallsPersecLog Record Stalls/sec is the number of log records that cannot be added to the log buffers per second because they are full. If this counter is nonzero most of the time, the log buffer size may be a bottleneck.
LogThreadsWaitingLogThreadsWaitingLog Threads Waiting is the number of threads waiting for their data to be written to the log in order to complete an update of the database. If this number is too high, the log may be a bottleneck.
DatabaseCacheSizeMBDatabaseCacheSizeMBDatabase Cache Size (MB) is the amount of system memory (in MegaBytes) used by the database cache manager to hold commonly used information from the database file(s) to prevent file operations. If the database cache size seems to be too small for optimal.
DatabaseCachePercentHitDatabaseCachePercentHitDatabase Cache % Hit is the percentage of database file page requests that were fulfilled by the database cache without causing a file operation. If this percentage is too low, the database cache size may be too small.
IODatabaseReadsAverageLatencyIODatabaseReadsAverageLatencyI/O Database Reads Average Latency is the average length of time, in milliseconds, per database read operation.
IODatabaseWritesAverageLatencyIODatabaseWritesAverageLatencyI/O Database Writes Average Latency is the average length of time, in milliseconds, per database write operation.
RPCLatencyaveragemsecRPCLatencyaveragemsecRPC Latency average (msec) is the average latency in milliseconds of RPC requests. Average is calculated over all RPCs since exrpc32 was loaded.
RPCRequestsoutstandingRPCRequestsoutstandingRPC Requests outstanding is the current number of outstanding RPC requests.