Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: IIS Performance Counters

Global Template Name : Microsoft IIS DotNet v4 - Performance Counters Extended


  • For IIS monitors need Microsoft .Net Framework 4.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription the rate HTTP requests are received.
webservicecache.current.file.cache.memory.usagewebservicecache.current.file.cache.memory.usageCurrent number of bytes used for the usermode file cache.
webservicecache.output.cache.current.memory.usagewebservicecache.output.cache.current.memory.usageCurrent memory usage by output cache.
webservicecache.file.cache.hits.percentwebservicecache.file.cache.hits.percentThe ratio of usermode file cache hits to total cache requests (since service startup).
webservicecache.kernel.uri.cache.hits.percentwebservicecache.kernel.uri.cache.hits.percentThe ratio of kernel URI cache hits to total cache requests (since service startup).
webservicecache.metadata.cache.hits.percentwebservicecache.metadata.cache.hits.percentThe ratio of usermode metadata cache hits to total cache requests (since service startup).
webservicecache.output.cache.current.hits.percentwebservicecache.output.cache.current.hits.percentOutput Cache current hit ratio. Calculated as (H)/(H+M) where H and M represent Hits and Misses in previous sample interval respectively.