Instrumentation Guide

Instrumentation choices and recommendations for your IT resources.

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This guide discusses supported choices and recommendations to instrument your environment for discovery and monitoring.


Instrumentation for discovery
Resource typeEnvironmentRequired instrumentation
Linux serverData centerGateway appliance
Linux serverCloudPublic Cloud Collector
Windows serverData centerWindows Gateway
Windows serverCloudPublic Cloud Collector
VMware ESXi serverData centerGateway appliance
SNMP enabled network resources (switches, routers, ...)Data centerGateway appliance
Storage arrays (NAS and SAN)Data centerGateway appliance
Other IaaS, PaaS resourcesCloudPublic Cloud Collector


Instrumentation for monitoring
Resource typeEnvironmentInstrumentation choicesRecommended choice
Linux serverData centerLinux Agent, Gateway ApplianceLinux Agent
Linux serverCloudLinux Agent, Gateway Appliance, Public Cloud CollectorLinux Agent
Windows serverData centerWindows Agent, Windows GatewayWindows Agent
Windows serverCloudWindows Agent, Windows Gateway, Public Cloud CollectorWindows Agent
VMware ESXi serverData centerGateway ApplianceGateway Appliance
Other IaaS, PaaS resourcesCloudPublic Cloud CollectorPublic Cloud Collector
SNMP enabled network resources (switches, routers, ...)Data centerGateway applianceGateway appliance