The OpsRamp platform is a scalable, SaaS-based, IT Operations Management (ITOM) application for on-premises and cloud infrastructures that enables resource monitoring and management across business units and locations. Monitored resources include:

  • Servers
  • Storage devices
  • Network elements
  • Virtualization machines
  • Public and private clouds
  • Containers
  • Websites
  • Applications

The platform provides a large set of integrations for interfacing with enterprise devices and applications, in addition to monitoring for alert conditions and automated alert escalation and remediation.


This documentation is intended to support users who want to achieve the following goals:

  • Gain visibility into team efficiency, service health, cost savings, the value provided, and business alignment.
  • Administer accounts and set up policies to upgrade resources, set up users and user groups, create dashboards, and ensure platform security.
  • Initiate escalation and incident responses in response to customer issues, using troubleshooting, remediation, and automation tools.
  • Use dashboards, maps, and alerting features to focus on application installation and configuration, SLA tracking, complex issue resolution, capacity planning, CI/CD, and application-level task automation.
  • Do domain-specific installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and analysis, using automation and the API.
  • Extend platform functionality and capabilities using the API and SDK framework.

Next steps

After getting familiar with platform concepts and architecture, try the Getting Started exercise for a hands-on introduction to the system. Learn how to create a client, deploy an agent, and view your first metrics.