Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Modifying Metric Custom Notifications and Thresholds

Describes the steps to modify the custom notifications and thresholds.

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The administrators can customize the existing component threshold values assigned to a metric in the synthetic monitor.

Modifying threshold values

To edit or customize the existing threshold values:

  1. From the Monitors tab, click the edit icon displayed beside the metric name.
    The Edit Metric Threshold window appears and customize threshold values as per the requirements.
    Edit Metric Threshold

    Edit Metric Threshold

  2. From the Component Threshold section, click +Add.
    The screen displays a separate row to add and customize the threshold values.
    Important! Set a value greater than or equal to one while configuring component threshold values for availability.down.locations.count. This stops the generation of false alerts even in the absence of monitoring issues.
  3. Select the Alert check box to send alerts to the alert browser.
  4. Provide details for the following parameters:
Edit Component Threshold
Component Threshold ParameterDescriptionExample
LocationPublic and private location(s) present in the client to enable monitoring.ALL
AlertTo enable or disable alert generation.-
Warning ThresholdA warning alert is sent when the metric reaches Warning Threshold.5
Critical ThresholdA warning alert is sent when the metric reaches the Warning Threshold.10
Repeat CountNumber of times (iteration) the Warning and Critical threshold values are verified before an alert is sent.1
5. Click Update.