Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Discovery Reference

Provides information on the basic resource components that are discovered.

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Basic components discovered

The following basic resource components are discovered:

  • Operating system
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • DNS name
  • IP address
  • Description
  • Resource UUID
  • Created by
  • First created time
  • Last discovered time
  • Last configuration scan time
  • Time zone
  • OS architecture
  • Build number
  • Registered user
  • Product key

Components discovered through gateways

OpsRamp collects the following data through the gateway:

  • Basic device details like OS, Mac, Make, Model, and Serial No.
  • BIOS information
  • CPU processor information
  • Physical disk drives
  • Logical disk drives
  • Network cards information
  • Video cards information
  • Services
  • Installed applications