Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Get service desk list of categories

This endpoint is used to retrieve the list of categories for an entity type.

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GET https://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/{ticketType}/categories/{parentCategoryId}

Sample URLs

To retrieve all categories of an entity type, set {parentCategoryId} to 0:


To retrieve subcategories of an entity type, provide the parent category ID with the subcategories that are nested:


These are the supported ticket types and sample URLs:

Ticket TypeSample URL
Change requesthttps://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/client_93/changeRequests/categories/0
Service requesthttps://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/client_93/serviceRequests/categories/0

Status code

200 OK

Sample response

		"id": 1,
		"name": "Esc Level 1"
		"id": 4,
		"name": "Esc Level 2"
		"id": 6,
		"name": "Esc Level 3"