Update user

This endpoint is used to update the details of a user.

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POST https://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/{orgId}/users/{userId}

Sample URLs



All fields are optional:

FieldData TypeDescription
loginNameStringUser login name.
lastNameStringUser last name
firstNameStringUser first name.
passwordStringPassword must have a minimum of 7 characters with at least:
  • One number (0-9)
  • One special character (#,!, $,*)
  • One lowercase (a-z)
  • One uppercase (A-Z) character
emailStringEmail of the user. (Alert and report notifications are sent to the email address.)
countryStringCountry name. To get the list of countries, use Get Countries API.
  • code
StringTime zone of the country. Use the Get Timezones API to retrieve the list of timezones.
Example: "timeZone": { "code": "EST"}
addressStringUser address.
cityStringCity name.
stateStringState name.
zipStringZip code.
phoneNumberStringUser phone number.
mobileNumberStringUser mobile number.
altEmailStringAlternate email of user.
userAccountTypeStringUser account type:
designationStringUser designation.
userNotificationsStringEmail to which the alert and report notifications are sent.
rolesStringDefines permission sets to user and user groups on devices and device groups. Assign roles to a user. See Search Roles API to retrieve roles created under a partner or client.
userGroupTypeStringAssign users to all user groups, or specific users groups. A user can also be an individual user, NOT being part of any user group.
Supported Values: ALL, NONE
  • If a user should be part of all user groups, provide userGroupType: ALL
  • If a user should be part of a specific user group, provide user group name.
    Example:"userGroups": [{ "name": "Luminalto Admins" }]
  • If a user should NOT be part of any user group, provide userGroupType: NONE
  • name
StringAssign users to specific user groups. Provide name of the user group.Use Search User Groups API to retrieve details of user groups.

Sample request

	"loginName" : "Scarlet.John",
	"password" : "ChangeMe@1234",
	"firstName" : "Scarlet",
	"lastName" : "John",
	"designation" : "Architect",
	"address" : "300 BOYLSTON AVE E",
	"city" : "SEATTLE",
	"state" : "WA",
	"zip" : "98102",
	"country" : "United States",
	"email" : "scarlet@gmail.com",
	"altEmail" : "scarletjohn@gmail.com",
	"phoneNumber" : "206-232-4543",
	"mobileNumber" : "206-232-4543",
	"timeZone" : {
		"code" : "EST"
	"userNotifications" : [
			"notifyType" : "Account Information",
			"notifyMethod" : "Email",
			"notifyInputType" : "Primary Email",
			"notifyRecurringReport" : "true"
			"notifyType" : "Alert Notification",
			"notifyMethod" : "No Notify",
			"notifyInputType" : "Alternate Email",
			"notifyRecurringReport" : "false"
			"notifyType" : "Report Notification",
			"notifyMethod" : "Email",
			"notifyInputType" : "Primary Email",
			"notifyRecurringReport" : "true"
	"roles" : [
			"name" : "ACS Client Administrator"
	"userGroups" : [
			"name" : "ACS Admins"
			"name" : "Design Department"

Sample response

	"id": "USR0000002145",
	"loginName": "ScarletJohn",
	"lastName": "John",
	"firstName": "Scarlet",
	"email": "scarlet@gmail.com",
	"altEmail": "scarletjohn@gmail.com",
	"userAccountType": "REGULAR",
	"designation": "Architect",
	"address": "300 BOYLSTON AVE E",
	"city": "SEATTLE ",
	"state": "WA",
	"country": "United States",
	"zip": "98102",
	"phoneNumber": "5232324543 Extn 1",
	"mobileNumber": "8337311540",
	"timeZone": {
		"id": "7",
		"name": "America/New_York",
		"label": "GMT -05:00 Eastern",
		"code": "EST"
	"roles": [{
			"id": 4,
			"name": "ACS Client Administrator"
			"id": 6,
	"authType": "LOCAL",
	"userGroups": [{
			"uniqueId": "USRGRP-43cfc675-hg45-bfe3-6eg6-c46a192d0786",
			"name": "ACS Admins"
			"uniqueId": "USRGRP-fr4afe06-0cca-6g8f-6053-654531f7d9ff",
			"name": "Design Department"
	"status": "active",
	"orgId": "client_16",
	"profileImage": {
		"logoPath": "https://yourdomain.com/img/nophoto.gif",
		"thumbPath": "https://yourdomain.com/img/nophoto.gif",
		"tinyThumbPath": "https://yourdomain.com/img/wall_img1.gif"
	"organizationName": "Luminalto",
	"userNotifications": [{
			"notifyType": "Account Information",
			"notifyMethod": "Email",
			"notifyInputType": "Primary Email",
			"notifyRecurringReport": false
			"notifyType": "Alert Notification",
			"notifyMethod": "No Notify",
			"notifyRecurringReport": false
			"notifyType": "Report Notification",
			"notifyMethod": "No Notify",
			"notifyRecurringReport": false
	"createdTime": "2017-11-01T11:54:24+0000",
	"updatedTime": "2018-03-09T09:45:21+0000"