Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Get user group

This endpoint is used to retrieve the details of a user group.

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GET https://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/userGroups/{userGroupId}

Sample URLs

To get the details of a partner-level user group:


To get the details of a client-level user group:


Status code

200 OK

Sample response

	"uniqueId": "USRGRP-9a68ce5d-c5cd-40a2-9fa6-e496dfe6e01b",
	"name": "Level A Administrators",
	"description": "IT Administration Managers in SJ Site",
	"createdTime": "2017-10-16T08:17:17+0000",
	"updatedTime": "2017-10-16T08:29:32+0000",
	"email": "",
	"roles": [{
			"uniqueId": "ROLE-76a8247c-39f4-8921-f5a4-babad80aa8fc",
			"name": "IT Admin Permissions",
			"description": "All Permissions of an IT Admin Manager",
			"defaultRole": false
			"uniqueId": "ROLE-836704cd-9faf-355e-6995-f124e1c5de48",
			"name": "Minimal Cloud Instance Permissions",
			"description": "AWS Cloud Instances Permissions",
			"defaultRole": false