POST https://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/{varId}/clients/{clientId}

Sample URLs



All of the fields are optional:

FieldData TypeDescription
nameStringName of the client.
addressStringAddress of the client.
timeZoneStringCountry time zone. OpsRamp supports a comprehensive list of timezones.
Example: "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles"
countryName of the country. To view a list of countries, access the Get Countries API.
extOrgIdStringExternal organization ID.
  • id
IntegerChannel ID. To get list of available channels, access the Get Channels API.
cityStringCity name.
stateStringState name.
zipStringZip code.
  • id
StringNOC details. To get the list of available NOCs, access the Get Tenant NOCs API.
mobileNumberStringMobile number of client.
phoneNumberStringPhone number of client.
phoneExtensionStringPhone number extension.
rdp2swfStateBooleanA flag used that if rdp2swfState=true, converts remote console recordings to flash format.
enableCLIRecordingBooleanSet enableCLIRecording=true to enable CLI recording.
showCopyClipBoardBooleanShow Copy to Clipboard.
  • name
  • enable
StringName of the Agent Policy. Set enable=true to enable policies.
clientDetails : businessStartHourInteger(Optional) Start of the business hour. The format is 24-hour clock notation.
Example: 02, 15
clientDetails : businessStartMinuteInteger(Optional) Start of the business minute.
clientDetails : businessEndHourInteger(Optional) End of the business hour. The format is 24-hour clock notation.
Example: 16, 20
clientDetails : businessEndMinInteger(Optional) End of the business minute.
clientDetails : businessDayStartInteger(Optional) Start of the business day. Represented in numbers.
Example: 2-Monday, 6-Friday
clientDetails : businessDayEndInteger(Optional) End of the business day. Represented in numbers.
Example: 1-Sunday, 7-Saturday
clientDetails : services
  • id
  • technologies - id
String(Optional) List of channel services:
  • Service ID.
  • List of technologies of the given service.
clientDetails : serviceAccessDetails
  • technology : id
  • hostedManager :
    1. accessType
    2. ipAddress
    3. userName
    4. password
    5. port
    6. ipRange
String(Optional) List of Alternate Access Details.
  • technology id: Use the Get Alert Technologies API to list the available technologies.
  • hostedManager details:
    1. Access details.
    2. IP address of the hosted system.
    3. User name required to access the hosted system.
    4. Password of the user.
    5. Port number used to access the hosted system.
    6. Range of IP addresses used to access the hosted system.
clientDetails : internetSPDetails
  • name
  • plan
  • circuitId
  • memberId
  • url
  • userName
  • password
  • phone
String(Optional) Internet service provider details.
clientDetails : networkArchitectures
  • name
  • file
  • Name of the file.
  • File converted to base64.
clientDetails : whiteListedIpsString(Optional) IP whitelisting is a security feature often used for limiting and controlling access to only trusted users.  IP whitelisting is used to create lists of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges from which users can access your domains.

Example: IP addresses can be of the form [172.22.22.*] or a range [172.22.2.{0-50}].

  • Hybrid Discovery and Monitoring
  • Event and Incident Management
  • Remediation and Automation
Boolean(Optional) Enables packages.
  • SMS and Voice
  • Knowledgebase Management
  • OS Service Start/Stop Actions
  • Remote Access Management
  • Process Automation
  • Extended Data Retention
  • Mask Resource Identity Management
  • Event Enrichment
Boolean(Optional) Enables add ons.

Status code

200 OK

Sample response

	"name": "GEO Services",
	"extOrgId": "Ext1010",
	"address": "GEO Services, Parkway",
	"channel": {
		"id": "7"
	"nocDetails": {
		"id": "11"
	"city": "San Jose",
	"state": "California",
	"zip": "95101",
	"country": "USA",
	"rdp2swfState": "true",
	"enableCLIRecording": "true",
	"phoneNumber": "408-555-1234",
	"phoneExtension": "+1",
	"mobileNumber": "646-222-3333",
	"timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles",
	"showCopyClipBoard": "true",
    "whiteListedIps" : "172.22.22.*,172.22.2.[0-50]",
	"clientDetails": {
		"businessStartHour": "10",
		"businessStartMin": "00",
		"businessEndHour": "20",
		"businessEndMin": "00",
		"businessDayStart": "2",
		"businessDayEnd": "6"
	"agentPolicies": [{
			"id": "1",
			"name": "Servers Policy",
			"policies": [{
					"name": "PatchManagement",
					"enable": "true"
					"name": "sqlitedb",
					"enable": "true"
			"id": "2",
			"name": "Desktops Policy",
			"policies": [{
					"name": "PatchManagement",
					"enable": "true"
					"name": "sqlitedb",
					"enable": "false"
			"id": "3",
			"name": "Agent Policy",
			"policies": [{
					"name": "PatchManagement",
					"enable": "false"
					"name": "sqlitedb",
					"enable": "true"