Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Update resource with synthetic support

This endpoint is used to update details of a resource with synthetics support.

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<verb> https://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/agentPolicies/{policyId}/devices

Sample URLs



All field are mandatory unless specified otherwise.

FieldData TypeDescription
resourceTypeStringType of resource.
Example: server, SYNTHETICS
checkTypeStringSpecifies the category type.
Example: http, https, ftp, and so on.
  • securityLevel
  • oauthClientKey
  • oauthClientSecret
  • oauthAccessTokenUrl
  • oauthGrantType
String(Optional) Specifies the credentials.
  • securityLevel: oauth2
  • oauthClientKey: client key generated
  • oauthClientSecret: secret key generated
  • oauthAccessTokenUrl: auth/oauth token
  • oauthGrantType: credentials of the client
sslCertPathString(Optional) Path of the SSL Certificate
SslCertKeyPathString(Optional) Path of the SSL certificate key.
downloadFilePathString(Optional) Specifies the path where you want to download the file.
scriptString(Optional) Use this text only if the checkType is set to SCRIPT.

Sample request

	"checkType" : "HTTP",
	"resourceName" : "Indians",
	"url" : "",
	"credential" :{
			"securityLevel" : "oauth2",
			"oauthClientKey" : "kHSageRP9CTeCFP7Wfrzzc45pFJZ99N4",
			"oauthClientSecret" : "5w6rKEAgYpsYDdd8vm5PnUMsQWqTnh423FArQYxGW6V3zqDcTG2z7UvjV3YBMq9Y",
			"oauthAccessTokenUrl" : "auth/oauth/token",
			"oauthGrantType" : "client_credentials"
	"locationUuids" :
	   [ "7b77f37f-5eb0-4ec2-bd19-15cc6853e3ca"]  

Sample response