Resources for HTTPS basic authentication type

This endpoint is used to create synthetic resources for HTTPS basic type of authentication.

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POST https://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/resources

Sample URLs



FieldData TypeDescription
hostName/resourceNameStringName of the host.
resourceTypeStringType of resource. Use SYNTHETIC for synthetic.
checkTypeStringSpecifies the category type.
Example: http, https, ftp, and so on.
urlStringURL of the synthetic.
locationUuidsStringArray of UUIDs of locations you want to bind.
  • securityLevel
  • userName
  • password
StringSpecifies the credentials. Examples:
  • securityLevel: basic
  • userName
  • password
sslCertPathString(Optional) Path of the SSL certificate.
sslCertKeyPathString(Optional) Path of the SSL certificate key.

Sample request

  "checkType" : "HTTPS",
  "resourceName" : "International",
  "url" : "",
  "sslCertPath" : "",
  "sslCertKeyPath" : "",
  "credential" :{
    "securityLevel" : "basic",
    "userName" : "s1234",
    "password" : "s1234"
  "locationUuids" :
   [ "223087d3-ef45-4efd-9587-0b20ad8ca355",

Sample response

	"resourceUUID": "612acfb0-6890-4d52-950b-1c4ec17a7248",
	"tenantID": "client_5"