Create resources

This endpoint is used to create resources.

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POST https://{api-url}//api/v2/tenants/{clientId}/resources

Sample URLs



FieldData TypeDescription
hostName/resourceNameStringName of resource, mainly used to represent computing devices.
resourceNetworkInterfaceArray(Optional) Details of network interface.
dnsNameString(Optional) (Optional) Domain name service.
aliasNameString(Optional) Another name of a device.
extResourceIdString(Optional) Attach third-party integration ID.
osString(Optional) Operating system.
resourceTypeStringType of resource.
Example: server
serialNumberString(Optional) Serial number of resource.
makeString(Optional) System vendor.
modelString(Optional) Model of a resource.
managementProfileString(Optional) Name of management profile.
systemUIDString(Optional) Unique ID of system.
providerUIDString(Optional) Unique ID of provider.
providerTypeString(Optional) Type of provider.
  • name
  • macAddress
  • url
  • oobVersion
  • description
  • accessInfo
  • accessInfoIpV4
  • remoteAccessType
  • port
  • make
  • model
String(name and macAddress are mandatory) OOB interface card details.

Sample request

	"dnsName": "",
	"hostName": "ABBY-PC",
	"resourceName": "ABBY-PC",
	"aliasName": "Server PC",
	"resourceType": "server",
	"os": "Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS",
	"serialNumber": "234B55C5-7HF8-D12G-342B-345A15B82345",
	"make": "Ubuntu make",
	"model": "Ubuntu model",
	"managementProfile": "Sample Gateway",
	"providerType": "AWS",
	"providerUID": "PVDR10",
	"systemUID": "LINUX100",
	"resourceNetworkInterface": [{
			"ipAddressType": "STATIC",
			"macAddress": "5F:7H:BH:56:8V:H3",
			"default": 1,
			"ipAddress": ""
			"ipAddressType": "STATIC",
			"macAddress": "00:0C:12:C4:B6:9G",
			"default": 0,
			"ipAddress": ""
			"ipAddressType": "DHCP",
			"macAddress": "00:0C:12:H5:F7:34",
			"default": 0,
			"ipAddress": ""
	"oobInterfaceCards": [{
		"name": "Controller 1",
		"macAddress": "gf:21:cd:65:bh:ds",
		"description": "SJ Server interface card",
		"url": "",
		"oobVersion": "7.5",
		"accessInfo": "source-ip location",
		"accessInfoIpV4": "",
		"remoteAccessType": "SSH",
		"port": 443,
		"make": "Cisco Routers",
		"model": "Cisco 890 Series"

Sample response

	"resourceUUID": "321bvfb0-6890-4d52-320b-4f5ec17a1234",
	"tenantID": "client_12"