GET https://{api-url}//api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/resources/{resourceId}/patches/scan/status

Sample URLs


Patch scan of a device provides the details of latest patch scan performed on a device. This API is used to retrieve the following patch scan details of a device:

  • Date of the last scan
  • Result of the last scan
  • Patches missing before the scan
  • Patches found missing after the scan
  • List of new patches found in the last scan

Status code

200 OK

Sample response

    "device": {
        "id": "2ca44d27-888e-4ddb-a5ee-89eb962798fe",
        "generalInfo": {
            "osName": "Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS",
            "ipAddresses": "",
            "hostName": "opsrampdev",
            "resourceType": "Linux",
            "resourceName": "",
            "aliasName": ""
        "clientUniqueId": "client_16",
        "type": "DEVICE"
    "scanStatus": {
        "lastPatchScanDate": "2019-06-23T11:14:43+0000",
        "lastPatchScanStatus": "success",
        "missingPatchesBeforeScan": 134,
        "missingPatchesAfterScan": 134,
        "noOfMissingPatchesFoundInLastScan": 0