Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Get patch details

This endpoint is used to retrieve details of a patch.

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GET https://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/patches/rating/{intgId}/feed/{patchId}

Provide patch feed UID in the {intgId} field.

Sample URLs


Sample response

	"comments": "",
	"createdUser": {
		"loginName": "John.Smith",
		"lastName": "Smith",
		"firstName": "John",
		"email": ""
	"updatedUser": {
		"loginName": "John.Smith",
		"lastName": "Smith",
		"firstName": "John",
		"email": ""
	"createdTime": "2018-08-07T08:49:19+0000",
	"updatedTime": "2018-08-17T10:20:20+0000",
	"rating": "WHITELISTED",
	"cve": "CVE-2014-12345",
	"patch": {
		"id": "PATCH-0be4130a-77bf-460e-b2c7-52906f86da5d",
		"name": "Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 7 SP1 x86 (KB2943357)",
		"externalId": "2943357",
		"severity": "Important",
		"category": "Security Updates - Windows 7",
		"releaseTime": "2018-08-12T10:20:20+0000",
		"type": "WINDOWS",
		"rebootRequired": false
	"id": "PR-04a9824f-be2c-463f-bc38-e14363dab496"

PR ID is an optional field that is schedule to be deprecated in a future software release.