Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Update metric type

This endpoint is used to update the details of a metric type.

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GET https://{api-url}/api/v2/metric/tenants/{tenantId}/metrictype

Sample URLs



FieldData TypeDescription
metricNameStringMetric type name.
displayNameString(Optional) Metric display name.
descriptionString(Optional) Summary of the metric type.
unitString(Optional) Metric type unit.
typeString(Optional) Metric type.
groupNameString(Optional) Metric group name.
displayUnitString(Optional) Unit name displayed in the graph.
unitLabelString(Optional) Label of the y-axis in the graph widget.
resourceTypeString(Optional) Resource type.
metricNameString(Optional) Metric type name.

Sample request

	"metricName" : "system.cpu.stats.kernel",
	"displayName" : "CPUSTATS",
	"description" : "Cpu Statistics",
	"groupName" : "system.cpustats.*",
	"unit" : "%",
	"type" : "Gauge",
	"displayUnit" : "%",
	"unitLabel" : "Percentage"

Sample response