Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Get metric type

This endpoint is used to fetch the metric type details.

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GET https://{api-url}/api/v2/metric/tenants/{tenantId}/metrics/{metric}/metricType

Sample URLs


{metric} denotes the metric name.

Sample response

 "metricName": "system.metric.file.send",
 "groupName": "system.device.test.*",
 "type": "Counter",
 "resourceType": "Device",
 "displayName": "Metric test",
 "unit": "packet/min",
 "displayUnit": " Packets per minute (packet/min)",
 "factor": 1,
 "unitLabel": " Packets per minute (packet/min)",
 "description": "Sample metric test please ignore",
 "consolFunc": "AVERAGE",
 "displayByComponent": false,
 "displayOrder": 100,
 "topMetric": false