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Add comments to KB article

Adds comments to a KB article.

Create KB article

Creates a KB article.

Create KB category

Creates a KB category.

Create KB template

Creates a KB template.

Delete KB articles

Deletes a KB category.

Delete KB category

Deletes a KB category.

Delete KB template

Deletes a KB template.

Download KB article attachment

Downloads a KB article attachment.

Download KB article attachments

Downloads KB article attachment or comment.

Get KB article activity log

Gets KB article activity log with provided details.

Get KB article template

Gets KB article template details.

Get KB category lists

Gets list of knowledge base categories.

Get KB sub-category lists

Gets the list of sub-categories of a knowledge base category.

Get KB templates list

Gets the list of KB templates.

Get list of comments for KB article

Gets a list of comments for a KB article.

Get list of KB articles

Gets a list of KB articles.

Manage KB article

Gets and updates a KB article.

Restore KB categories

Gets a knowledge base category from TRASH.

Search KB articles

Searchs for the list of articles in a KB category.

Share KB article

Shares KB article.

Share KB article

Shares KB article.

Update KB category

Updates a KB category.