POST https://{api-url}/api/v2/exports/tenants/{tenantId}/create

Sample URLs



All parameters are mandatory.

FieldDefault ValueDescription
nameStringName of the batch export template.
typeStringDefines the type of batch to export. Supported values: Inventory, Alerts, Tickets, Metrics.
recurringtypeStringDefines the recurring type of batch export. Supported values: Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
integrationIdStringIntegration ID.
scheduleTypeStringDefines the schedule type. Example: RECURRING.
startHoursStringDefines the starting time of daily recurring in hours. Supported values: 00 to 23.
startMinsStringDefines the starting time of daily recurrence in minutes. Supported values: 00 to 59.

Status code

200 OK

Sample request

  "name" : "API Test Inventory",
  "scheduleType" : "ON-DEMAND",
  "recurringType" : "Daily",
  "integrationId" : "INTG-b0975fb4-e54e-4a80-a65f-883bf1109aa1",
  "type" : "Inventory"

Sample response

Export template created for client_9 with id : schexp-4154945d-9efb-4cdc-bffc-ed9237168662,
Export template created for client_12 with id : schexp-445f0e02-8cb2-4225-94c0-6e2f5ac1f360,
Export template already exists for client_4