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Get roster

This endpoint is used to retrieve the details of a roster.

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GET https://{api-url}/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/rosters/{id}

Sample URLs

For partner-level rosters:


For client-level rosters:


Status code

200 OK

Sample response

	"id": "ES-f64e08e8-9d78-40fa-8bba-19d36d42653f",
	"name": "Linix Admins",
	"description": "Team working on Linux issues",
	"createdTime": "2017-12-27T06:26:41+0000",
	"updatedTime": "2017-12-27T06:57:00+0000",
	"timeZone": {
		"id": "19",
		"name": "Asia/Calcutta",
		"label": "GMT +05:30 India",
		"code": "IST"
	"allClients": true,
	"shiftDetails": [{
			"id": "ESD-ab20240d-7d02-489e-8cbd-6592e2980aec",
			"name": "Second shift",
			"schedule": {
				"type": "recurring",
				"startDate": "2017-12-27T04:45:00+0000",
				"startTime": "10:15:00",
				"endTime": "15:20:00",
				"pattern": {
					"type": "weekly",
					"weekDays": "Wednesday,Thursday,Friday",
					"repeatFrequency": 5
				"endPattern": {
					"type": "NEVER"
			"users": [{
				"id": "USR0000000021",
				"loginName": "James.Hudson",
				"lastName": "Hudson",
				"firstName": "James",
				"email": "",
				"phoneNumber": "802-1231-234"
			"id": "ESD-f05a111c-a596-4ad5-9eba-67444020434b",
			"name": "First shift",
			"schedule": {
				"type": "one-time",
				"startDate": "2017-12-28T04:41:12+0000",
				"endDate": "2017-12-29T09:46:20+0000"
			"users": [{
				"id": "USR0000000043",
				"loginName": "John.Smith",
				"lastName": "Smith",
				"firstName": "John",
				"email": "",
				"phoneNumber": "803-4567-890"
			"userGroups": [{
				"uniqueId": "USRGRP-b5f0e4d4-76ad-4497-8fc7-2790e3eaa343",
				"name": "Network Admins Group",
				"description": "Team working on network issues.",
				"createdTime": "2017-12-17T16:26:55+0000",
				"updatedTime": "2017-12-18T10:48:51+0000"