Get alerts by an alert ID

This endpoint is used to retrieve the details of an alert by alert ID.

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GET https://{api-url}/api/v2/alerts/tenants/{tenantId}/alerts/{alertId}

Status code

200 OK

Sample request


Sample response

    "uniqueId": "40535",   
    "subject": "chrome.exe | Not Running",   
    "currentState": "Ok",   
    "serviceName": "Windows Process",   
    "acknowledged": false,   
    "suppressed": false,   
    "permanentlySuppressed": false,   
    "closed": false,   
    "alertType": "Monitoring",   
    "app": "OPSRAMP",   
    "alertTime": "2015-11-18T09:44:07+0000",   
       "id": "982b6937-83ae-4262-a023-d6097a711a9e",   
       "name": "HYDLPT204",   
       "ipAddress": "",  
       "type": "DEVICE"   
    "repeatCount": "2",   
    "tenantId": 107,   
    "createdTime": 1447839848946,   
    "status": "Ticketed",   
    "priority": "N/A",   
    "elapsedTimeString": "110d 22h 5m ",   
    "healedTimeString": "2h 47m ",   
    "updatedTime": "2015-11-18T12:31:53+0000",   
    "tktId": "ticket_1622",   
    "rba": false,   
    "rtype": "DEVICE",   
    "mspId": "msp_102",   
    "mspName": "OpsRamp4.1",   
    "managedByOpsRamp": true,   
    "actedTs": 1448628691167,   
    "eventType": "ALERT",   
    "metric": "Disk",   
    "inferenceId": 0