Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Get timezone details

This endpoint is used to get timezone information from the gateway.

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GET https://{gatewayIp}:5480/api/v2/gettimezoneinfo

Sample URLs

Sample cURL

curl -k -X POST https://{GatewayIP}:5480/api/v2/gettimezoneinfo 
-H 'Accept: application/json' 
-H 'Authorization: Token <TOKEN>' 

Status code

200 OK

Sample response

    "Regions and Corresponding Timezone Information": {
    "(GMT+10:00) Russia": "Vladivostok",
    "(GMT) UK ": "London",
    "(GMT+4:00) Armenia, Azerbaijan": "Muscat", 
    "(GMT+5:00) Pakistan": "Karachi",