Hybrid Discovery and Monitoring

OpsRamp’s discovery and monitoring solution.

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OpsRamp can discover and monitor resources running in your IT environments. OpsRamp’s discovery and monitoring solution offers unique benefits.

Monitor everything

If your organization is responsible for managing a large and distributed IT environment, that includes a variety of IT resources - OpsRamp has you covered! OpsRamp supports a broad range of IT resources across your data center, public cloud, and cloud native environments:

  • Data center: Applications, URLs, containers, servers, network resources, …
  • Public cloud: Environments: Compute instances, databases, load balancers, PaaS services, …
  • Cloud native environments: Containers, orchestrators, …

OpsRamp comes with hundreds of built-in monitors that capture availability and performance metrics and optimal thresholds for supported resources.

Supported Resources

Supported Resources

See IT service impact

Your organization may be responsible for managing different types of IT services, for example:

  • Applications (for example, an order management application) or
  • Infrastructure services (for example, Wi-Fi for the office).
  • IT resources (for example, servers, switches, and routers) deployed in your environment participate (directly or indirectly) in some IT service that serves end users.

Therefore, it is important to have line of sight between IT resources and their impact on users.

OpsRamp’s service maps offer a way to organize your IT resources into a hierarchical structure, so that you can easily tie the health of your resources to end user impact.

Service Map

Service Map

Manage from the cloud

OpsRamp is a SaaS application. You can simply log into OpsRamp through a browser and manage your environments from a single point. It’s that simple!

OpsRamp is a cloud based solution

OpsRamp is a cloud based solution

Extend the platform

You can extend OpsRamp to monitor any type of IT resource. Multiple options are available to you to configure or write your own custom monitors, including APIs. Extensive APIs are provided for integrating OpsRamp into your operational task flows.

APIs and extensibility

APIs and extensibility

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